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Photographs that displays emotions not just poses! By John Daniels

Besides knowing the technical details of the camera, photographers today need to understand the various emotions they try to capture that bring the picture …. when you look at your wedding photo album down the years, it still manages to bring a twinkle in the eye. Lilo photo design promises to deliver just that.

Funny Short Stories By Jasmine Montford

Telling funny short stories is an art in itself; just ask stand-up comedians who tell the same jokes over and over again and yet still elicit the loudest …. short stories with a straight face until the punch line and then laugh with your audience. Remember that the story is the funny thing here, not you per se.

Funny Christmas Stories to Share with Your Loved Ones By Jasmine Montford

Christmas is a time of goodwill, good cheer and good times with family and friends. Christmas songs are sung, Christmas dishes and desserts are shared …. the community? So, share your funny Christmas-themed stories at the dinner table and watch how love, peace and goodwill flow among family and friends.

Chapter 11– Summer of ’70 By Mark Sweeney

The Summer of 1970. Wow. What a great summer! It will always go down as one of the best. No, no, it was the best; it was just one of those summers that …. them. Cars rolling over stuff, now that’s good clean fun. I don’t know why bread being squashed by a car is entertaining, but damned if it isn’t.

Chapter 4 –1st grade By Mark Sweeney

For First grade I had Mrs. Enke, I have no idea who she was or what she looked like. I do know she thought my handwriting needed a lot of improvement. …. more cooperative this quarter. I hope Mark has a happy summer.” Whew! I’m glad I’m done with Mrs. Enke. She seemed glad to be rid of me. Curious.

Top Nerd Girlfriend Freakouts By Bryan Davidson

Almost every Male Nerd who has ever attended a Sci-Fi convention has asked the question, “How do I find a Nerd Chick?”Every relationship needs …. Thinking of what to say when the other person is talking.” “Interrupting by telling the speaker how their story relates to your story.”

Funniest Show Touches the Heart of Everyone By Mcclain Horrigon

The comedy world is alive because of one and only energetic standup comedian Jeff Dunham. His name is included in the country’s biggest comedians, popular …. and performs different shows in the big cities. This is the reason that everyone is demanding the hottest Jeff tickets to medical solicitors no win no fee get rid of their boring life.

UK Property: Have you ever thought about down-sizing? By Rebecca Smith

If you’ve ever thought about down-sizing this could be the answer. This modern home is perfect for one person or a happy couple. The 27m3 house has …. smaller than this! But it does pay a 10.2 percent guaranteed rental return. If you are interested drop me an email and I will send you all the details.

Easy Ways To Get Whiplash Claim And Compensation By Richard Mike

If you have been involved in a non fault road traffic accident and suffered a personal injury, call our whiplash compensation solicitors today. Compclaims …. undrivable. We can also arrange for assistance with rehabilitation and physio if required and recover the cost of this from the other parties insurers.

Winnie the Pooh Quotes and Nothing Else By Karisma Sand

“Here is Edward Bear coming downstairs now, bump, bump, bump on the back of his head, behind Christopher Robin. It is, as far as he know, the only …. “The Tao of Pooh” came out. Pooh is used as an allegory, making it easy for members of Western society to understand the philosophy of Taoism.

One liners funny like never before By Macbeth Ashlee

When was the last time you had a hearty laugh? If you don’t quite remember, don’t worry because you will be spending the next fifteen minutes of your life …. tease someone, quotes on love as given above. You can choose from a whole lot of bunch available on the site. So go and sign in. The choice is all yours.

Humor Column: The Only Blues You Should Be Playing is B.B. King By Joe Ditzel

You used to be able to shoot a round of golf in a few hours. Now a round of golf drags on longer than a weekend with your relatives. You play the first …. graphite breath. Don’t take 8 practice swings and let’s all get home before the sprinklers pop up at dark and hose us down. (c) Joe Ditzel

Hanging with a clock collector By Mary A. Berger

Ding! Ding! Ding! It was the middle of the night, and I bolted straight up in bed, heart pounding. My husband stirred just enough to notice. ” …. husband. Just the other day I saw him eyeing a clock at a shop in town. And you can imagine what he was thinking: There’s always room for one more!

Confessions of a cross-stitcher By Mary A. Berger

“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t work on my cross-stitch in the car,” I wanted to know. My husband and I were preparing to leave on …. next month. Maybe I could sneak in a few stitches somewhere between “do you take” and “I now pronounce.” Think anyone would notice?

He’s a Mustache Machine! By Jerry Landry

He shaves it off. It reappears above his lips two days later. Some call this a blessing. He regards it as a curse. This upper lip follicle factory …. there is a good answer to any of these questions. Then again, we really haven’t been able to think too clearly ever since we saw that dazzling ‘stache.

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30 Jul 2014

Know about French Legal Alcohol Limit to Pass an Ethylotest

Do you know what the legal alcohol limit in France is? The answer is of utter importance as if you are caught by the police while driving car in a drunken state and if it is evident that you crossed the limits, you will be arrested and be charged with driving in an intoxicated state. The higher the percentage of alcohol in your blood, the more intense will be the penalties imposed. So you need to know the France legal alcohol limit beforehand which is at or below 0.5 g/1 litre of blood or 0.25 mg per breath in order to get passed through the Ethylotest. Moreover, you must know what the pertinent laws for measuring the alcohol percentage in your blood are so that you well keep away from the penalties and fines. There are hundreds of Breathalyzer products currently available in the market but you must know what the aftermaths could be if you refuse an Alcootest and why you should carry a breathalyzer with you whenever you visit a late night party or a cocktail dinner.

It is a uniform rule across France to ask drivers for an alcohol percentage test. French government has adopted the new legal limit of late with an aim to curb accidents on highways that are pretty common occurrences on weekends and festive times. As mentioned earlier, the level of penalties and fines are determined by the percentage of alcohol in blood. You can not refuse an Ethylotest at all times. If you do so, you will be taken in police custody and compelled to go through urine or blood test. Once the result is out and if it shows that you are in the wrong according to the laws, you will be instantly arrested. The consequences thereafter are harsh and should be avoided at any cost.

The legal limit for alcohol in blood is applicable to private car drivers. People who drive public vehicles have to abide by more stringent guidelines and laws. Pilot’s allowable alcohol level also differs from the limit designated for public vehicle drivers. Whichever category you belong to, you must pass the Alcootest in order to stave off fines and imprisonment.

You can test the alcohol level on your own with the help of a digital breathalyzer. These are devices used for measuring Blood Alcohol Content or BAC from a sample breath. Breathalyzer origin dates back to 1927 when a woman named Emil Bogen used a football bladder for estimating the percentage of alcohol in her breath. Smith and Wasson initiated commercial production of Breathalyzers. On today’s date, a number of French companies offer no win fee solicitors these devices.

However, when looking for a good Ethylotest device online, you should always refrain from sites who offer duplicate and substandard devices. Always look for devices that really comply with the French standards and can become instrumental in testing the percentage of alcohol in your breadth. Keep in mind that you must not break the related laws for your own sake and for others.


30 Jul 2014

Therapy/Counseling Websites – Page 6

ACT Professional Counseling by Phone

Views: 27


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BACP Registered Counsellor Partner Link

Roderick Howie outlines counselling services offered in West London.

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Carl Benedict

Serenity Online Therapy offers online therapy and counseling by Carl Benedict, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, for treatment of depression, anxiety, anger, panic attacks, addiction, codependency, grief and loss, abuse issues, and other problems of life. Serenity Online Therapy utilizes E-Mail Counseling and Chat Therapy to help individuals achieve a more fulfilling life.

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Christian Changes

Description of services for Main St. Counseling & Consulting & Wendie Woods, Licensed Professional Counselor, Starkville, MS

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Dr Nilli

My specialty and focus is on intimacy and body image. This is critical for sustaining close relationships. Modern marriages require great intimate relationship skills, interpersonal competence. Among my goals: to create stable families and healthy body image.

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Eddins Counseling

Eddins Counseling provides career coaching and personal counseling for adults.

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Find Counselling in Nottinghamshire Partner Link

Search our directory of counsellors and therapists based in Nottinghamshire. Search counselling Nottingham, Mansfield, Arnold, Beeston and more.

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GLOW Counseling: Denver psychotherapy, counseling, & mental health

GLOW Counseling: Growth and insight-oriented counseling and psychotherapy for individuals and couples. Specializing in Sex therapy, EMDR (trauma), and addiction intervention.

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goTellme Directory Partner Link

The goTellme Directory provides site listings certified for relevancy. For Search Engine Optimization, goTellme!

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We offer Mental health counseling and Ayurvedic Consultations. Please visit our website for a detailed description of our services.

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Julie Guilfoyle Counseling Partner Link

Counseling Services for Adults and Children

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PsykosyntesForum Partner Link

Become who you want to be by changing your subconscious mind. Psychosynthesis Forum: a forum for self-growth methods and tools in Psychosynthesis and Cognitive Script Therapy. Guided imagery, mental training, self-hypnosis scripts, personality self-tests, etc.

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Three Springs Adolescent Treatment Programs

Three Springs is a nationally recognized leader in youth services, founded in 1985 to provide therapy and education to adolescents experiencing emotional, behavioral and learning problems. Specific behavior issues addressed include adolescent depression, oppositional defiant disorder, ADD-ADHD, juvenile delinquency, self injurious behavior, and sexual promiscuity.

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24-Rapid Response, Online Counseling and Therapy

24-Rapid Response exists to connect those who want help with those who help. In so doing, we hope to be an excellent information resource for consumers, and to connect prospective counseling clients to counseling professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

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A Change In Thinking Partner Link

I am a psychologist. My site advertises my services and provides information on a variety of growth related activities.

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Center for Positive Psychology: Alan D. Keck, Psy.D. & Gilda Grace, LMHC

Personal Growth, healing, Counseling & Psychotherapy, via conventional and complementary methods, including Positive Psychology, Cognitive-behavioral therapy, Clinical Hypnosis, Energy Psychology, EMDR.

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Counseling & Therapy in San Diego Partner Link

Description of counseling services for individuals and couples, including information on depression, anxiety, grief, the therapy process, coherence therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and positive psychology, among other issues, provided by Susannah Muller, M.A.

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Creating a New Normal: Personal Counseling for Healthier Living

Kate Morgan, author of ‘Coming Through With Grace’ — an intimate account of healing from loving a sex addict — draws upon personal experience to counsel others in hourly sessions that focus on learning how to overcome betrayal in order to live an awakened and compassionate life. ‘Creating a new normal’ is about putting life back into living and designing your own happy ending.

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Marriage and Family Therapy NYC

Therapist who provides counseling to couples and families…

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One Kingdom

Jake & Jennifer Dean-Hill provide professional individual, marriage & family counseling as well as Seminars, Workshops & Keynotes.

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30 Jul 2014

Pushy Solicitors – Yahoo Voices

What are your rights? In most cities today, solicitors must go through the city, they have to fill out paperwork, pay a fee, and wait for approval after a background check. Some cities require approved solicitors to wear a badge or carry a permit signifying they have been approved to walk your neighborhood. While no win no fee injury solicitors this helps to keep to many people from interrupting your dinner, more importantly it helps keep neighborhoods safer from predators. If you want to help keep your neighborhood safe, do these three things:

1. Call your local government to see what rules solicitors must follow.

2. Look for the proper badge or permit.

3. Call the police if the solicitor is not following the rules.

It is never a good idea to confront a solicitor yourself. If the solicitor is breaking the law, the police are trained to properly handle the situation.

What does this have to do with process servers and mobile notaries? We not only live in neighborhoods, we enter neighborhoods all the time. We want neighborhoods to be safe. If we see solicitors behaving suspiciously it takes just a minute to call the city and find out what can be done.

30 Jul 2014

Real and Scripted Brothers of the WWE

The Dudley Boyz 3-D Lance StormThroughout professional wrestling’s existence there have been brothers that made it to the top together, and brothers that have betrayed each other. With Ranjin Singh’s recent surprise declaration on the August 14th edition of Smackdown that he is The Great Khali’s brother, now is a good time to take a look at some of these pairs–both real and scripted–in World Wrestling Entertainment’s past.

The Brothers of Destruction Undertaker and Kane

The Undertaker and his younger half-sibling Kane began things on the wrong foot when Kane emerged in the then-World Wrestling Federation in October 1997. The two, who are not brothers in real life, feuded until the two teamed up in 1998, though it didn’t last long. They eventually reunited and won the World tag team titles from Edge and Christian on April 19th, 2001.

The duo broke up, however, and off and on feuded and tagged with each other up to 2008. They had only one title reign together, but even without the gold they put the fear into many of their opponents due to their size, attitude and brawling abilities. Should they ever team again, they will be a formidable force for others to reckon with.

Extreme Brothers Matt and Jeff Hardy

Real-life brothers Matt and Jeff Hardy knew they wanted to be wrestlers from an early age. As teenagers they formed their own wrestling organization called Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts, or OMEGA, which had a large following in their home state of North Carolina. When they joined the World Wrestling Federation in 1998, they won the tag team titles within less than a year of their debut.

By the time they split up as a tag team, they garnered seven tag titles before Matt (kayfabe) betrayed his brother by hitting him in the head with a steel chair in January 2009. However, as of August 20th, 2009, they appear to have uneasily reconciled. With rumors of Jeff Hardy leaving WWE soon, it is impossible to tell whether the Hardys will become a formidable tag force once again.

What Time is it? The Dudley Boyz

D-Von and Bubba Ray Dudley, storyline half-brothers from Dudleyville, were a hardcore tag team force in WWE from 1999-2005. Their penchant for putting people through tables (including the very senior Mae Young) thrilled the fans during the Attitude Era. The duo was one of the three tag teams that made the match Tables, Ladders, and Chairs (TLC) famous, though they never won either of those matches.

Totally Reeking of Awesomeness Edge and Christian

Edge and Christian are real-life best friends (but not brothers) Adam Copeland and Jason Reso, who dominated the tag team division of the World Wrestling Federation from 1999 to 2001. They had seven tag team title reigns, a record at that time, and thrilled most of the fans with their “off-beat shenanigans” and catchphrases such as “reeking of awesomeness”, “sodas rule” and insults like “chumpstain” “dork chop” and “reekazoid”.

All the fun came to an end when Christian turned on his “brother” and bashed him with a steel chair on September 3, 2001. Christian declared that he was tired of being known only as Edge’s brother and being seen as someone who held Edge back from singles glory. The two have had successful singles careers, but should they reunite, fans of the E&C Era would surely be pleased.

The Rocket and the Hitman Owen and Bret Hart

Bret and Owen Hart were usually enemies when they interacted within the World Wrestling Federation, though in reality they were very close friends as well as brothers. The height of their feud was in 1994, when Owen attacked Bret after a tag match loss due to Bret’s injured knee. They faced each other at Wrestlemania X, where Owen defeated his brother.

Other Brothers of the WWE

The Colón Brothers, Primo and Carlito, also have been in WWE since 2008, and won the WWE Unified Tag Team Championship belts together. Their team split when Carlito attacked Primo because he was frustrated that they had lost a match against Edge and Chris Jericho, whom they had also lost their tag team titles to recently.

Earl and Dave Hebner are identical twins who also served as referees for WWE. Earl acted as Dave’s evil twin who cost Hulk Hogan the World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Championship to Andre the Giant at an edition of The Main Event in 1988. Earl went on to work for WWE full-time as a referee, while Dave went on to work as a road agent.

In a sport where men fight each other to compete for the top spot, it is heartwarming to see tag teams–whether they are truly brothers or not–help and look after each other, and it can be disappointing to see them split up. No doubt there will be many more brother teams, whether scripted or real, in World Wrestling Entertainment’s future.


World Wrestling Entertainment Homepage

Online World of Wrestling

23 Jul 2014

WWE Classics On Demand – InfoBarrel

One of the greatest services available for any pro wrestling fan is the WWE Classics On Demand package. This service is available through most cable providers. If you are like me, you don’t get that excited about the wrestling that comes on every Monday Night on Raw, but you love the old stuff!

WWE Classics On Demand features the entire WWE Video Library. This includes videos from WWE (formerly the WWF, and even earlier WWWF), World Championship Wrestling (WCW), National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and its various territories including Mid-Atlantic Wrestling and Stampede Wrestling from Calgary.

You will also find wrestling from the old AWA once promoted by Verne Gagne, as well as the developmental Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) that WWE currently operates. Other videos are shown coming from World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW), popular in the 1980′s, and Smokey Mountain Wrestling from the mid-1990s.


WWE Classics On Demand content currently features four “buckets” of content. Each bucket features a different variety of videos. The four buckets include WWE Legends, The Big One’s, Shorties, and TV Classics.

You can find the current program schedule on

WWE Legends

In the WWE Legends section of WWE Classics on Demand, you will find the Hall of Fame feature. Each month, one member of the Hall of Fame is featured. They’ll rotate through and feature every Hall of Fame member.

This can be a little hit-and-miss. One month, you’ll get Ric Flair. Awesome! The next month, you may get Johnny Rodz or Baron Mikel Sicluna. Those aren’t good months.

Along with the Hall of Fame feature on the chosen wrestler, you also get several of his matches.

WWE Legends often features other videos from the WWE Video Library like old Coliseum Home Videos. There are always a couple of surprises here!

HulkamaniaThe Big One’s

The Big One’s is by far the most exciting section of WWE Classics on Demand. Here, you’ll get full feature Pay Per View wrestling. Each month there will be Pay Per Views that match the theme for the month.

This is also a “Pick Your Big One” feature from the website. Here, viewers can vote on which of 3 Pay Per Views they would like to see. I always pick the oldest one, unless I have recently watched it. The newer one’s used to win all the time but that has changed in the last year or so.


In Shorties, you’ll get to see matches or vignettes that match the theme of WWE Classics on Demand for that month. In some cases they are matches featuring types of wrestling (for example, Lucha Libre wrestlers or Tag Teams). Others may feature “Great Interviews” or “Factions”.

I don’t always watch the Shorties, but if you’re looking for a quick fix (while eating breakfast in the morning before work, for example), this is a good place to get a little 5-10 minute classic wrestling match in.

TV Classics

The bucket for TV Classics is another favorite of mine. For my money, this is the one thing that I can’t get anywhere else besides wwe raw live WWE Classics on Demand. Here, you’ll get classic television shows from territories across the country.

The shows are shown in order (most of the time) which is great. You can watch the entire Monday Night Wars if you’ll stick around long enough! It moves slowly, and sometimes you wish they would post them even faster. But you’ll get the Monday Night Raw and Monday Night Nitro episodes that aired against each other, shown back to back.

We also get shows like WCCW’s weekly show, NWA Wrestling, Mid-Atlantic Wrestling, and AWA shows. These are great shows form the 1980s that bring back fantastic memories.

Another feature here is the History of ECW. Not only are we getting a show-by-show recap of the History of ECW, but it is hosted by various ECW members. Originally, Taz was hosting with Joey Styles, though since he has left Tommy Dreamer and others have been involved in hosting the show.

Get it!

If you’re a fan, and you’ve read this far, you need to order WWE Classics on Demand! It is usually only $8, though I pay $10 through Verizon (I don’t know why, but I never care what I pay for it, I’d pay $30).

Well… go get it! Call your cable provider! I know I sound like a salesman, but I get no benefit other than knowing that the more people that order it, the more WWE will pay attention to it!

Gotta go now, Pat Patterson vs. Sgt Slaughter is on!

23 Jul 2014

Crash Diets that Actually Work


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You can never, ever, use weight loss to solve problems that are not related to your weight. At your goal weight or not, you still have to live with yourself and deal with your whey protein powder problems. You will still have the same husband, the same job, the same kids, and the same life. Losing weight is not a cure for life.

~Phillip C. McGraw, The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom

While we agree with Dr. Phil ultimately, after resolving the problems that led to weight gain, there remains the problem of how do we take it off. Crash diets should be used only for an initial shot in the arm that rapid weight loss provides. Crash diets are a clever way to restrict the intake of calories, so weâEUR(TM)re going to share a few here with this strong comment: once you use these diets, seek the help of a nutritional expert to help you establish a more rational way of eating for the rest of your life.

Weight loss and the appearance of oneâEUR(TM)s body has become an obsession with both men and women. Too often, people are ruled by standards set by society for your appearance and your health. We become tortured by that inexpensive machine called the scale and our experience of standing on it. We are uncomfortable in our clothes, blaming them for being âEURoetoo small.âEUR If you use a crash diet, please do so only temporarily, because your nutritional intake is critically compromised and you will âEURoecrashâEUR eventually due to lack of good food.

Some people develop illnesses like bulimia and anexoria due to crash diets that are seriously ridiculous and crazy. We do not recommend this kind of eating. WeâEUR(TM)re talking about choosing foods that are still nutritional, that fill you up while providing a lower caloric intake.

Crash Diets That Work

Meal Replacement Shakes. These diet shakes have been chemically designed to provide all the nutrition a meal should provide while being low in calories and fat. Meal replacement shakes come with a diet plan that provides a full dayâEUR(TM)s nutrition and you should adhere to that plan. These shake replacements always recommend a low-calorie meal at least once a day that contains a low-fat protein like chicken or fish with lots and lots of vegetables, particularly in a salad.

Juice Your Meal. Many infomercials on television sell heavy-duty blenders into which you can put the entire produce department of your food store. If you develop (or use their recipes) for a tasty juiced version of a combination of fruits and vegetables, you can augment your weight loss while getting fresh, raw good âEUR” the very best kind. Juice meals are a great way to reduce weight and still feel full of energy and is one of the most healthy of all the crash diets.

Become a Vegetarian. It is simply impossible to eat only fruits, grains, and vegetables and maintain overweight. So if you arenâEUR(TM)t into only juice, you can eat as much as you want by preparing delicious vegetarian meals plus substantial amounts of water. You will be best served to use only fresh vegetables, with frozen veggies a close second. Vegetarians frown on canned food.

Simply Vegetarian: Okay if the idea of having spinach juice does not seem very appealing to you, you might as well just eat spinach accompanied by other vegetables and fruits. Vegetable and fruit salads with minimum dressing work well towards reducing weight. What’s more is that you can eat as much as you want to! Although, for better results you will have to drink a lot of water. There is a great deal of information on the internet about being a vegetarian, so be sure to do your research to make sure all necessary nutritional elements are included, especially vitamin B.

The Famous Cabbage Soup Diet: This diet was touted at Weight Watcher meetings in the 1970s in the United States and became very popular, because it was filling, tasty, and has very few calories. Here is the recipe for the soup:

6 large green onions (also called âEURoespringâEUR onions)

2 green peppers

1 or 2 cans of tomatoes (diced or whole)

3 carrots

1 container (10 oz. or so) mushrooms

1 bunch of celery

half a head of cabbage

1 package spice only soup mix (In the US, Liptons is a good choice)

1 or 2 cubes of bouillon (optional)

1 48oz can Low Sodium V8 juice (optional)

Season to taste with pepper, parsley, curry, garlic powder, etc. (Little to NO SALT!)

Crash diets will help you remove an initial amount of water weight from your body and will make your close more loose. Remember, these crash diets are a âEURoequick fixâEUR and should be backed up with a healthy, nutritional, wholesome diet for the rest of your life.

Author’s Bio: 

Maria Khalifé insightfully teaches life-changing techniques. Universal spiritual principles support her methods of coaching, motivational speaking and workshop leading. Maria brings powerful Be the Change experiences to those seeking extraordinary lives who want to reach maximum potential through the discovery of a true dynamic and authentic self.

22 Jul 2014

Abba Sisoes at the Tomb of Alexander the Great


Abba Sisoes’ humility and longing for repentance was epitomised by the manner of his departure from this life. When he lay upon his deathbed, the disciples surrounding the Elder saw that his face shone like the sun. They asked the dying man what he saw. Abba Sisoes replied that he saw St Anthony, the prophets, and the apostles. His face increased in brightness, and he spoke with someone. The monks asked, “With whom are you speaking, Father?” He said that angels had come for his soul, and he was entreating them to give him a little more time for repentance. The monks said, “You have no need for repentance, Father” St Sisoes said with great humility, “I do not think that I have even begun to repent.” After these words the face of the holy Abba shone so brightly that the brethren were not able to look upon him. St Sisoes told them that he saw the Lord Himself. Then there was a flash like lightning, and a fragrant odour, and Abba Sisoes departed to the Heavenly Kingdom.

St. Sisoes is today the well known for his depiction in an icon which became popular upon its appearance in Greek monasteries following the fall of the Byzantine Empire in 15th Century. This icon, the “Astonishment of Sisoes”, is a contemplation on death, but not only the death of a man, but of an earthly empire. The icon shows St. Sisoes over the dead bones in Alexander the Great’s open tomb and with the following inscription:





ossuary in meteora

Like this:

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17 Jul 2014

Hypnotherapy In North Shields

Towns A – Z In North East England

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.

Hypnotherapy In North ShieldsWhat Is Hypnotherapy, Does Hypnosis Work?

Clinical hypnotherapy is the skill of making use of the incredibly powerful “tool” of hypnosis (focused mental attention or concentration) to change unwanted habits, behaviors and emotions at a subconscious level in the mind. Clinical hypnotherapy incorporates many different aspects of psychology and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques. If you are considering using hypnotherapy in North Shields for quitting smoking, weight control or stress management, contact clinical hypnotherapist Ian Smith at the Quays Clinic of Hypnotherapy today.

Sleep Has Nothing To Do With Hypnosis Or Hypnotherapy

In contrast to what lots of people believe, hypnosis and hypnotherapy have nothing to do with being asleep. A client doesn’t lose any type of control or transfer control to any hypnotherapist during a hypnotherapy session. When the session is taking place the client is actually in a heightened state of mental awareness. Clients are aware of everything that is happening at all times during the hypnosis session, but just cant be really bothered to do anything because they are so incredibly relaxed both mentally and physically.

 A Professional Hypnotherapy Session

A comprehensive talk with the client must take place to discuss the problems that the client has prior to the actual session. A professional hypnotherapist must also take great care in questioning the client about the medical problems that they might have. It is also very important to ask the client about any medication that they are currently taking which may affect the session.

As a professional hypnotherapist I tackle all kinds of neurosis problems (psychological or emotional). I do not treat psychosis which is a specialist subject which takes longer term healthcare.

Stage one: A hypnotist will initially help the client to induce hypnosis which is called a “hypnotic induction”. This portion of the session uses the clients imagination to pay attention to suggested pictures of relaxation which are given by the hypnotherapist to the client. Many clients experience incredible physical and mental relaxation.

Stage two: At this stage in the hypnosis session a therapist will also be using many different “deepening techniques” whilst continuing to give imagery suggestions of relaxation. As a portion of the deepening process many hypnotists get the client to imagine that they are walking down an imaginary flight of stairs giving the client the suggestion that with every step that they walk down they become twice as relaxed. At the end of the stairs a therapist will ask the client to imagine themselves opening a door that leads to an imagined secure and safe room.

Stage three: This is uppermost, vital part of the hypnotherapy session. This is where the actual therapy occurs. An experienced clinical hypnotherapist will have the ability to use “suggestion work”, “analytical hypnotherapy” and many other NLP techniques that help the client to create the necessary change.

Stage four: The last is simply helping the client to exit the hypnosis session. A very common way to complete this is to get the client to imagine themselves exiting their secure and safe room and visualize themselves walking back up their stairs counting upwards from 1 to 10. This is where the suggestion is then given to the client that they will open their eyes on the count of ten.

On the count of ten you will open your eyes and notice how good you feel.

When health care professionals do some hypnotherapy training with a qualified hypnotherapist they quickly discover many new opportunities to help their patients. If you are a health professional who is looking for hypnotherapy in North Shields, have a look at the hypnotherapy directory and contact Ian Smith at the Quays Clinic of Hypnotherapy.

Is Hypnotherapy Safe For Anyone Of Any Age To Use?

Hypnotherapy is perfectly safe when practiced by a qualified therapist. If you are looking for hypnotherapy in North Shields or hypnotherapy training, make sure that the hypnotherapist can prove their experience. If a hypnotherapist offers home visits, do they also practice from an office or clinic?

Don’t Listen To Hypnotists That Claim 80%, 90% Or 100% Success

If you ask any hypnotherapist how successful they are in helping their clients with a problem and they respond with claiming 80%, 90%, 100% successful just put the phone down and make inquiries elsewhere. These are nothing but false claims that cannot be substantiated. You could of course ask them for proof of their claim, which of course they wont be able to.

The only way that a hypnotherapist knows how successful they really are is by the quantity of referrals that they receive from previously satisfied clients. The majority of the Quays Clinic of Hypnotherapy new clients result from previous satisfied clients.

Quality Hypnotherapy Training

There are many different hypnotherapy training courses being offered all across England. Take a look at some hypnosis YouTube videos online where you will see many of the different hypnotherapy reviews and information about the different hypnotherapy schools. It is also good to remember that the hypnotherapy profession is no different from any other healthcare profession. It takes allot of time and regular practice to learn the profession.

Hypnotherapy For Weight loss & Weight Management

Hypnotherapy for dieting has been covered in many different newspapers and magazines lately. There also has been a massive increase in chat shows discussing hypnotherapy for weight management. Contact the Quays Clinic of Hypnotherapy for further help if you are looking for hypnotherapy in North Shields for weight loss.

You Have To Be Realistic About Losing Weight

If you are considering using hypnotherapy for weight loss, you must be realistic about what you want to achieve. Hypnotherapy is fantastic for losing weight, but must be combined with healthy eating and regular exercise to become successful. Hypnotherapy on its own is not a magic wand, although sometimes the remarkable results that are achieved seem that way.

When it pertains to using hypnotherapy in North Shields for weight management, you must identify the reasons for your overeating. Most weight management problems are caused by psychological and emotional problems. A good hypnotherapist will help you to discover and eliminate these problems which will help you to lose weight.

Hypnotherapy For Performance Anxiety Situations

Hypnotherapy is very effective for combating many different types of performance anxiety. Whatever your problem with your own personal performance, hypnotherapy in North Shields will help.

Hypnotherapy For Confidence Building

Lots of folks in all areas of life will experience confidence issues. Hypnotherapy in North Shields for confidence building will help you to overcome your limitations and fears. If you have no confidence and need some help to build confidence in a relationship or at work, clinical hypnotherapist Ian Smith at the Quays Clinic can help you.

Hypnotherapy For Smoking

Hypnotherapy for quitting smoking is one of the most common problems that most hypnotherapists in North Shields have to help people with. The first thing for someone to remember when looking for hypnotherapy in North Shields to stop smoking is to remember that they have to want to quit smoking for themselves.

You must quit for YOU. Using hypnotherapy in North Shields to stop smoking will be the very best thing you ever did. Think of the money that you will save.

Quays Clinic Of Hypnotherapy Gets Amazing Results

If you are looking to find hypnotherapy in North Shields, Newcastle upon Tyne, Sunderland or County Durham, contact the Quays Clinic of Hypnotherapy. Clinical hypnotherapist Ian Smith is an Internationally respected hypnotist who has helped many people with a large range of psychological, physical and emotional problems. Ian Smith can be contacted on the telephone number provided below.

Towns A – Z In North East England

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.

 Do You Want To Learn How To Hypnotize Your Friends And Family?

 Mastering The Dave Elman Induction Video And Audio Training Course

Ian Smith (Distinction) D. Hyp  T.F.T  M.U.F.H  M.A.A.H

Quays Clinic of Hypnotherapy in North Shields

Telephone: 0774 3353367

16 Jul 2014

2013 WWE Summerslam Matches: Live Stream & TV… | Gather

Sunday, August 18th brings 2013 WWE Summerslam matches live streaming and on TV for pro wrestling fans to enjoy. Among the major stories heading into the event will be Daniel Bryan attempting to capture the WWE Championship for his first-ever reign. Also, CM Punk who has proclaimed himself “best in the world,” will try to take down “The Beast,” aka Brock Lesnar. In addition, LA Times reports that even Maria Menounos will step into the ring again, as part of the pre-Summerslam festivities!

As part of the WWE Summerslam live stream online pre-show, it’s been announced that Dean Ambrose will defend his United States title against challenger Rob Van Dam. This match is scheduled to be a warmup for the main pay-per-view, and takes place free online for fans to enjoy. The special pre-show, available on WWE’s YouTube, website, Facebook page and Yahoo!, has a start time of 7PM EST. Will Rob Van Dam be able to capture championship gold now that he’s back in the WWE, or will Ambrose and The Shield continue their title reigns?

After the one-hour pre-show, it’s time for the main event. At 8PM EST, the official Summerslam pay-per-views goes live online and live on TV’s around the globe. Many fans are eager to see certain match-ups. In particular, with John Cena defending his WWE title against Daniel Bryan, and Triple H as guest referee, anything can happen. Don’t forget that Randy Orton holds the Money in the Bank briefcase he won not long ago, so he could always cash in and become the new champion too.

Another big matchup will feature CM Punk versus Brock Lesnar. Punk was formerly aligned with Paul Heyman, but Heyman double-crossed him at Money in the Bank, costing Punk the briefcase. Since then, Heyman has proclaimed Brock Lesnar, aka “The Beast,” as “Best in the World,” and Punk wants nothing more than to get revenge. It will be a tough task as Punk tries to take down Brock and then get his hands on Heyman.

Other matches will feature Cody Rhodes battling his former friend and tag team partner Damien Sandow, who also was a “double crosser” at the Money in the Bank PPV. Kaitlyn will team up with Dolph Ziggler in a mixed gender tag match to take on Dolph’s former girlfriend, AJ Lee, and henchman, Big E Langston. Christian fights Alberto Del Rio and attempts to grab the World Heavyweight title for a third reign during his career, while Kane battles Bray Wyatt in a “Ring of Fire” match.

By the way, the WWE divas have been enjoying a bit more popularity since the release of the E! reality show called “Total Divas.” Due to that, they seem wrestling show to be getting a bit more publicity and matches for this upcoming event. Former Dancing With the Stars competitor and current TV host, Maria Menounos, will step back into the ring once again. This time, she’ll team up with Natalya to take on the team of Brie Bella and Eva Marie. According to Hollywood Gossip, the match will occur during the Summerslam Axxess event ahead of the pay-per-view in Los Angeles.

Beyond that, there’s a lot of potential for big surprises and championships to change hands at Sunday’s pay-per-view. As of this report, there’s one title match on the live streaming pre-show, and at least two on the Summerslam card. However, new matches can be formed during the show, making for even more excitement. Overall, it looks to have the potential for a great 2013 edition of Summerslam for pro wrestling fans to watch live online or on TV!

12 Jul 2014

Insurance Companies Deal With Theft Claims and Fraud — Are You the Victim or the Perpetrator? – Yahoo Voices

Theft claims are the hardest type of claims for insurance companies to deal with and the one type of claim where there is a lot of insurance fraud happening. As an insurance agent, it was very frustrating to watch my clients being dealt with as criminals from the company that they had paid to help them when they became victims.

I also did some research and found that sometimes insurance companies were correct to act this way towards their own clients. There is a lot of fraud going on.

I think there is a huge separation though between the clients who never deal with an in-person agent. Versus clients that only buy online and don’t have a personal relationship with an agent, it is hard to look someone in the eye when signing for a policy if you are planning deception.

I’ve seen a few insurance clients intent on being involved with fraud, but never had I wrote a policy that I believed would result in a fraudulent act. The few clients that talked about fraud issues didn’t get policies from me. I did vehicle titles as well in the office that I worked for and saw quite a few fake forms of identification. These things always surprised me because I was in such a small town.

My advice for people who are dealing with a theft claim is to think of the insurance company as a criminal too, because if the lack of trust goes both ways. You will be more careful with your paperwork and lists. You should take your time and fill out the paperwork and answer questions in a slow, but confident manner.

Keeping a log of your home contents and belongings at your insurance agents office and in your file never hurts either. You should always cooperate with insurance companies, but don’t jump to cooperate being too eager is as bad of a thing as not being at all cooperative.

There are some deceptive moves being taken by the insurance vodafone insurance costs company in an attempt to catch you doing something wrong when there is a theft claim. You should be as precise with your answers as they were with selecting the questions. They have an entire team of attorneys and paralegals selecting what to ask of you regarding the claim.

When the insurance company suspects more deeply on your case or their representative gets angry and quits in the middle of your case. They may drop it onto the Attorney General’s desk to investigate so that they don’t have to spend more money on it. This is a technique companies will use to save money. Insurance companies hire the very best in regards to lawyers. They are very smart with regard to the law and will take advantage of loopholes within whenever possible. I’ve watched the Attorney General office bankrupt a good friend all because he was robbed. It is in your best interest to be careful and do everything you can to prevent such a theft from occurring.

11 Jul 2014

silver rings – stunning items!

silver rings and titanium rings will remain clear.

You are able to easily get type of gorgeous rings to have 1 for you from the substantial sum of silver jewellery outlets. 92.five percent silver and 7.five percent gold, copper and nickel, etc. to make silver harder and much much more long-lasting. Picking silver rings are the only choice of stone for a man’s ring. Its significance and worth will absolutely outdo its price. Silver rings are the best option to be given to a guy since it signifies a lengthy lasting affection and faithfulness. Now one can very easily locate 1 piece of his own choice from on the web shops.


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09 Jul 2014

Sports & Recreations :: The Impressive History of Scott Tucker Racing

For many fans, the racing career of Scott Tucker begins and ends with the Ferrari Challenge. This particular race was only his third as a professional driver, but he managed to achieve an impressive fifth-place finish at a race in Oregon in 2006. In Italy, Tucker went on to place third at the world finals. The following year, in 2007, Scott Tucker realized his first win as a driver in Sonoma California in May.

Just one year later, in 2008, Scott Tucker created Level 5 Motorsports and entered the series as not only a driver, but the owner of a team as well. For a new driver to perform competitively in this intense series is almost unheard of, but he managed to win six of the races that he entered, making his final standings an impressive second place overall.

His team, Level 5 Motorsports managed to win the North American races during the world finals. They also entered the Rolex Sports Car Series with a second driver. Individuals who thought that the winning streak for this scott bike retailers up-and-coming driver was only a fluke found their criticisms dashed to the ground when Tucker won 10 races in 2009. This marked the most wins ever by a driver in the history of the Ferrari Challenge.

Although owning and managing a professional racing team now keeps Scott Tucker busy, he still manages to delight race fans by competing on a regular basis and may even become the first driver to win three consecutive championships in a row.

Despite the fact that much of his competition is significantly younger, Scott Tucker has proven that with the right set of skills, drive, and ambition, it is possible to take the racing world by storm and make a name for oneself in a relatively short period of time. With only six years of professional racing under his belt, it is easy to see why race fans all over the world are excited to see what else is in store for this dynamic driver and team owner.

Fortunately, the upcoming season promises to be one of the busiest and most exciting yet for both Tucker and Level 5 Motorsports, which is sure to delight fans who have come from all over to see him make history time and again. Of course, it is not just race fans who have taken notice as Tucker and his team have been featured by just about all major media outlets and were also included in a documentary film.

06 Jul 2014

Getting Through Whiplash Injury Claims and Litigation

Victims of vehicular accidents often encounter problems in whiplash injury claims and litigation as they are not fully equipped with the knowledge on how to present their case and prove the existence of their injury.

Whiplash Injuries

The use of seatbelts has been proven to lessen the number of fatalities in vehicular accidents. But the use of this restraint however, can also cause immense pain in the neck and shoulder area.

Whiplash is a term coined to describe an injury incurred from a motor vehicle accident that causes pain in the areas of the neck, base of the skull, shoulders, and head.

According to a personal injury solicitors in notts study, most victims who sustained whiplash injuries will recover after a few weeks or a couple of months but some may develop chronic pains which will last longer and will be harder to recover from.

Aside from pain, symptoms of whiplash that some victims experience include:

Poor memory and concentration

The above symptoms will cause pain and suffering that the victim will have to go through as treatments for these injuries may vary depending on the severity of the injury. Some injuries would require operation while others need to undergo series of tests and therapy.

Filing Compensation Claims

After an accident, victims must gather as much evidence as possible in order to prove their claims. They can obtain photos of the accident and police reports that would show the party who is likely to be responsible for the accident.

It is here where victims meet problems as not everyone knows the correct procedure of pursuing a lawsuit and so they must depend on expert personal injury lawyers who will help them pull through the hassles of legal proceedings.

These lawyers are capable of assessing your claims and making sure that all economic and non-economic damages will be shouldered by the accused as well as other future expenses that will be needed for the full recovery of the victim in a vehicular accident.

Here are some of the things covered in compensation claims:

Hospital / rehabilitation expenses

Cost of property repairs or replacement

Lost wages because of the inability to attend work

An experienced lawyer knows how to efficiently handle claims in these instances and would be able to represent the victim in case he won’t be able to make appearances because of his injuries incurred in the accident.

02 Jul 2014

Books & Music :: Tips for Learn Piano

‘Piano’ everyone knows that it is a great instrument and its sounds so nice and pleasure. Its sound gives you relaxes and enjoyable feelings. But here is a question arrive in our mind that how we can learn piano or play piano? Don’t worry in this modern era it is a difficult task. Internet helps to learn piano and it is an easy way to teach yourself piano. Here we are trying to provide you all small and big tips quickly which help you to play piano very easily. Now we tell you some tips about piano.

Warm up Fingers before Play Piano:

First of all warm up your fingers before play piano. It is important because it helps you to move your fingers up and down quickly and easily which is necessary to create good sounds. It reduces stress and pain which you feel later and it also increase the strength of your hand. A worming hand work better than cold. There are no special exercises for warming hands, move your hand in several directions and it will be done.

Identifying the Piano Keys:

After warming your hand try to identify the piano keys. It needs more intention and also little bit hard but it is the most important step of learn piano. Then set your fingers on the keys and press it softly. There are two types of keys white keys and black keys. Black keys also knows as accidentals keys are small than white keys. These keys generate sharp sound. Here you find every key generates different sounds. So do it very carefully because it is important and basic step for learning.

Watch piano lesion on you tube:

Internet provides you several piano lessons you can watch it online which is so simple just type piano lessons in the search box, many lessons presents on your system screen. These lessons help you to know how you teach yourself piano. With the help of these piano lessons you can compare you experience with other people. Here you find new techniques and tunes which will makes you a good piano expert.

Listen piano songs online:

Listen piano songs online and try to follow it. It is most important step and also good practice. But it means that it is not so easy, it needs lot of time for practice billy currington album and intention. It is really hard and time consuming process. As you know charismas and wedding songs are simple piano songs. Piano and these songs go together. So try to play piano in the sense of these songs and achieve the first step of your target and also try to create your own easy tones.

After all we can say you can become expert piano player easily and quickly with the help of internet. If you want to teach yourself piano follow these tips carefully and you will becomes a great piano player. Another benefit of learn piano you will become special among other and people gives you great fame. You can play piano and sing together at same time which is great experience.

02 Jul 2014

The Assurance of Love and Fidelity

While wedding rings are signs of love and fidelity, there are times that love remains but infidelity happens. There are also relationships wherein love is lost but fidelity remains. Therefore, keeping both, love and fidelity is truly challenging. But marriages can work as couples overcome the tests of time.

Wearing men’s wedding rings is the simplest way to show that you are keeping engagement rings vintage the commitment you made to your spouse. It is a simple gesture indeed but it is a good start. You can also keep that lifetime commitment by greeting your loved one with a kiss every morning or as she wakes up. You can cook on weekends too or do the laundry. You can surprise her at work and take her out on dates. Or send her some messages by phone or online through social networks.

It is necessary that in the process, couples learn to compromise, to forgive and to trust again. It is because while love and fidelity can be lost, it can still be regained. Couples can always give it another chance and they can always find mens wedding rings should they need to renew their vows all over again.The Commitment worth Keeping

There are so many ways to keep a commitment. You don’t have to go through the difficulty of avoiding temptations right away. When you focus your time and energy on your loved one, no matter how great the temptations, they will not have an effect on you. Because when the heart and mind is settled to forever cherish that one person, all the other senses follow. Therefore, wear your men’s wedding rings and honor the commitment that is worth keeping.

Marriages and mens wedding rings may not assure us of love and fidelity that we can enjoy forever but they are enough to encourage us along the way. Many people will vouch that the path of marriage is not as smooth sailing as we want to believe it would be. Love and fidelity will be tested. Both can succeed and both can also fail. One can remain without the other. Nevertheless, we promise to give both eternally in our marriage vows.

30 Jun 2014

Stop Smoking Now – Cold Turkey Quitting with Mind Over Matter – Yahoo Voices

Not many cigarette smokers are proud of their habit. Given the choice, they would drop the habit immediately and never look back. Sadly, most of the time it does not work out that well. Nicotine cravings are a horrible thing to deal with – they ruin your appetite, cause sleep loss, and make you extremely volatile. Your mind will play tricks on you, and before you know it you will be at the counter of your nearest convenience store picking up another pack of smokes. That’s how it is. You’ll need to really man-up to put down the cigarettes in a cold-turkey fashion, but luckily there are a few simple ways to keep yourself thinking on the right track.

Get on the Right Track:

Set a quit date – Do it NOW! You might not feel like you are quite ready to quit yet and that’s okay. You found this guide, you’re researching the subject, so you’re already on the right track. Pick a day – be it a day, a week, or a month down the road as the day that will mark the end of your bad habit. Promise the people you care about that you will definitely not smoke after that date. This way, you’ll have strong emotional ties to quitting, and not want to let your family or friends down. On the days leading up to your “quit day”, you might want to try and cut back a little bit, or anything that might make the actual quitting easier.

After your “quit date”, the cravings are the last thing to get out of the way. Congratulations, you are now a non-smoker with horrible cravings. It’s the last mountain to climb before you are completely free of your addiction. You don’t need drugs or other treatments to help you – will power alone is enough to fight off the false chemical needs of your body.

Ignore the Cravings

When a craving comes up, focus on anything else. They usually last for about five minutes, which isn’t very long in the scheme of things. Look at each craving as a tiny battle in free help quit smoking a much larger war – with each one that you win, you are that much closer to the total victory that you are seeking. Think of how much money you’re saving, how much healthier you’re becoming, or how disappointed your family would be to learn that you jumped back on the wagon. Again, I can’t stress enough just how important it is to have those emotional ties surrounding your attempt to quit.

Ah, sweet temptation. It would be really nice to be able to stop those nicotine cravings before they start, but most people aren’t quite so lucky. One great way to cut back on the amount of cravings you are having, however, is to cut the “triggers” out of your life. Do you always have a cigarette with your morning coffee? Throw out the morning coffee, then. Do you smoke while you drive? If so, clean the car really well one time – fresh scent and everything – and don’t allow smoking within it anymore. Basically, anything you can do to throw off those times when you would “normally” smoke, do it.


After a few days, you’ll notice the cravings have left. Sure, you’ll still want to go for a cigarette after a heavy meal – or during whatever your personal triggers are, but the cravings will not be strong enough to worry about or even really have to fight against. Slowly they will fade from memory, and you will forget what it was like to be a smoker in the first place. It’s a magical thing that happens to everyone who quits: your wallet grows fatter, your mind becomes more clear, and your body feels a thousand times better. The next time you are considering quitting, please don’t search online for the most effective drugs and therapy treatments – every tool that you need is right there, locked inside your head, just waiting for you to use it!

30 Jun 2014

Shoreline tickets

The c and w celebration is in total speed and we are composing this blog site site to supply you the most existing details on all the leading c and w acts that will be playing there this year. To reveal simply just how much the nation 2014 megaticket has actually actually grown in appeal you simply need to understand that there are practically 2x the array of programs this year as there were in 2012. The website organisers are happy to state this year nation megaticket 2014 tickets that leading nation stars like Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan are among the going acts. The very best and finest c and w celebration state the organisers and from sales it resembles they are appropriate. This year the larger variety of programs recommends that us nation and western fans do not need to think of taking a trip up formerly. As it manies of the artists there have their own trips and they essentially all offer out as quickly as they go on sale so this megaticket 2014 is an excellent methods to tape up. Its not economical, however its not going to be with around 8 leading c and w stars handling. I have actually in reality been to other nation occasions and there are large amounts of not so phenomenal ones (no names described:)) nevertheless the nation megaticket 2014 will be the very best without a doubt in my point of view, in reality among the very best out there today. I am presently waiting to hear far more info abut each certain job, as a few of the artists can not have the ability to handle at all locations due to pre dedications however ill include far more to this post when i discover that out., if you wish to see a lot more about the locations click the link above as it has complete details on all the locations for the 2014 megaticket. I am inconspicuously desiring that the extremely rather lady antebellum will be dipping into the job im wishing to get to. Ive got my tickets and i cant wait !! I like their direction with c and w, some might not concur nonetheless i presume everything have to customize. Take a look at precisely what was c and w 30 years earlier, we do have to advance with things. She will be doing at the nation megaticket 2014. The nation megaticket 2014 celebration is appeared and we’re scripting this net internet site to provide the most around date information on each of the leading brand-new bands functions which is playing there this duration. To expose the amount the nation 2014 megaticket is replicating to establish in awareness simply acknowledge that can be almost 2x the amount of programs this duration as there’s been in 2012. The net internet site organizers are delighted to condition this duration covering country unbelievably stars like Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan are the going functions. If they’re proper, the most reliable and finest new bands occasion the organizers and from sales it appears like. This period the larger amount of programs advises that us nation and western fans do not need to think of taking a trip up formerly. This period the larger quantity of programs exposes that us country and western advocates do not have to think of travelling up previously. This period the larger amount of programs recommends that us country and western supporters do not have to consider taking a trip up previously. This period the larger quantity of programs divulges that us country and western fans do not need to consider taking a trip up previously. This duration the bigger amount of programs advises that us country and western advocates do not have to think about travelling up formerly. This duration the larger quantity of programs recommends that us country and western advocates do not have to consider travelling up previously. I’m separately preferring the appealing lady antebellum will definitely likely be playing inside the job im trying to ease of access. Ive experienced my tickets that we cant wait !! I like their direction with new bands, some can not concur however believe everything need to tailor. Take a look at the something which was new bands 3 years earlier, we have to salary things. She’ll be starting within the u. s. specifies megaticket 2014. The 2014 nation megaticket is certainly verifying the artists that may value within the a truly unbelievably prolonged time frame finest new bands celebration within the u. s. states. The 2014 nation megaticket actively functions to be efficient in hundreds of supporters throughout all states in addition to expose celebrations the very best brand-new bands artists in addition to activities. This year is larger and than previously, and it likewise simply sees expose simply particularly precisely how favored nation and western tunes is ending up being. The very best advertising designers often have not any kind of.1 strikes within the audio charts, exceptionally stars for instance Woman Antebellum and Jason Aldean deal with to be trustworthy in 100s linking to large amounts of nation fans annual. Country radio presumes modifications linking to softball softball softball bat roosting activities everyday nonetheless you will definitely get the cost cut country megaticket seats Discountliveevents most definitely truly are a cost-effective ticket owner not primarily for totally new bands however in addition for country stars obsoleted furthermore to brand-new- get George Strait as an example, he’s picking their last efficiency like a strike audio designer and can potentially quickly be swaying up their guitar. Discover the 2014 nation megaticket discover regular the following and economical expenditures likewise. Charlotte now now now now put megaticket street. louis megaticket low-cost and Lenny Bryan journey schedule plays throughout the occasion too. Lakewood tickets and a big quantity ear’s CMA Music Celebration in Nashville. Today, country advocates find that they can be susceptible to see with this particular stage. CMA’s 2014 selection functions Jason Aldean, Dierks Bentley, Luke Bryan, Eric Chapel, Florida Georgia Line, Brantley Gilbert, Hunter Hayes, Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert, Little Large Community, Tim McGraw, Kaira Paisley, Rascal Flatts, Thomas Rhett, Darius Rucker, Blake Shelton, This Rock-band Perry, Keith Urban, Chris Youthful and Zac Brown Band, that’ll all do at LP Area with the occasion’s June 5-8 run. Just merely just recently, the c and w Organization introduced acknowledged complimentary. Dierks Bentley. Luke Bryan. Eric Chapel. Hunter Hayes. Miranda Lambert Underwood got video of the year, the very best honor inside the 2013 CMT Songs Honours, on her part account video “Blown Away,” of the tornado sweeping in and trashing a home with getting a dreadful person there. Underwood, with various gospel choir and pictures of tornado-ravaged Oklahoma, was answerable for the night’s most psychological efficiency– her tune “View You Again.”.”Oh my gosh, thanks, In. a shocked Underwood specified to everyone else while accepting the best recommendation. “The superb Master remains to be to be exceptional for me, well the majority of us throughout this place, for virtually any extremely lengthy time. If potentially by techniques of specifying thanks to him for your desire to have making music, to start with. My hubby, who it’s his birthday celebration, you’ve your present. In addition to the advocates, thanks. You’re remarkable. I do not deserve this.”. The win is her tenth inside the honors expose and makes her the rather best-winning artist within the exceptional standing for CMT Songs

26 Jun 2014

Organize Your Band Rehearsals

This post shares tips for getting the most out of your band rehearsal time.

If you’re like a lot of amateur musicians your band has to fit into limited spare time. It’s hard enough to find your own practice time and band rehearsal can be even harder. Everybody has a different schedule and finding a common time to play together is rarely easy. That’s why it’s important to organize yourselves to make the most of your limited rehearsal time.

Here are three tips to help you make the most of that short band rehearsal 2014 rockstar energy mayhem festival time instead of wasting it.

* Learn Songs Individually First

Make sure everyone learns the songs and their parts on their own time. Trying to practice a song when individuals don’t know their own parts is a sure way to waste rehearsal time. Make sure you learn your songs individually first, then use the band rehearsal to work on your arrangement and group sound.

It goes without saying that if you want to all turn up to the rehearsal with your songs learned you’ll have to decide what those songs are in advance. Do this as formally or informally as you like, but make sure you have a small queue of songs everyone can prepare for the rehearsals to come.

* Balance New And Old Songs

By old songs I don’t mean classical music. I mean the songs you have learned together in the past. It’s all too easy to spend all your time learning new songs. But you need to set aside some of your rehearsal time to revise the old stuff so you don’t forget how to play it, what the structure is, who plays the solo, how you end it and so on.

A good place for revision is either at the start or the end of the rehearsal. Familiar songs make a good warm up at the start, or you can have a blast playing them for all you’re worth as a wind down at the end.

* Rehearse Without Sheet Music Or Lyrics

A lot of bands rehearse with sheet music, chord charts or lyrics in front of them. But how many rock bands do you see using sheet music on stage? If you want to learn to play without the paper you have to practice without it too.

If you use chord charts and lyric sheets during rehearsal you never really get around to memorizing the songs. Even if you’ve played them many times you will find yourself lost without the sheets on concert day. So get into the habit of playing without them even at rehearsals.

Let’s recap these three useful tips for getting the most out of your band rehearsals.

1. Learn songs individually before rehearsing as a band.

2. Balance new and old songs in your rehearsal time.

3. Memorize songs and rehearse without relying on sheet music.

Apply these three tips and your band will progress better on making good music together.

By: Ismail Mohd

Article Directory:


Ismail Mohd is the creator of Virtual Rock Band, where musicians can meet bassists, drummers, guitarists and vocalists living near them. They can also upload or download instrumental tracks to play along to.

19 Jun 2014

Finding Local- Furniture / Apartment / Residential Movers Denver Colorado

Finding an experienced moving company for your local or long distance move in Denver Colorado can often be a daunting task if you dont know what to look for in the moving company while hiring one. It is here that Vosco Moving Denver can help with its dedication to deliver the best move you have ever had.

To begin with, you should fiddlers green denver have a clear idea of the common services that a moving company offers in order to select the one that fits your needs the best. Take a quick look at some services that most moving companies offer to make you move a hassle free affair:

Furniture Moving: Moving your household or office furniture can be a stressful affair, irrespective of whether you are a student living on a shoestring budget, have a busy family, or a business to take care of. Vosco Moving Denver offers you options to choose between full packing and unpacking services, and ensures quick delivery of your belongings at your desired destination.

Apartment Moving: Whether you want to move to your apartment rental in Colorado or desire to get your employees relocated to Denver, choosing the right company with experienced people and fair prices can help.

Residential moving: Moving your residence with all the valuables that you have amassed over the years can be tough without the right people by your side. So, if you want to go for local or long distance residential move, dont think twice before hiring the experienced people of Vosco Moving Denver.

Business movers and Office movers: Moving your business or office to or from Denver can become easy with experienced interstate movers, especially if you are planning for a long distance move.

offering proper auto transport and packing boxes to ensure that you valuables remain unharmed during the move is another important thing that you should consider while selecting a moving company. You may even opt for unpacking and unloading services if you dont have enough helping hands for the job.

So, to make your local or long distance move a cakewalk, you can hire reputed Denver local movers like Vosco Moving Denver.

About the Author:

Vosco Moving is a Denver, Colorado based Delivery and moving Company Denver. We specialize in residential and commercial moving services.–Furniture—Apartment—Residential-Movers-Denver-Colorado-/1377310

19 Jun 2014

New York City Tourist Attractions

A port located right on the eastern seaboard, NYC is one of the largest and most heavily populated cities in the United States. For a time, it was even the capital of the U.S. and George Washington, the first president, was sworn in there. It is a vital American center for trade, commerce, cuisine, arts and entertainment. It is composed of five counties which are also known as “boroughs”.

Most New York City tourist attractions are located in the most commonly known borough: Manhattan (NY county). The Bronx (Bronx county) is located to the north. Brooklyn (Kings county) has the largest population. Queens (Queens county) is largest in geographic area and is home to nearly as many residents as Brooklyn. Staten Island (Richmond county) is the least populated and it is located towards the southwest of the other boroughs, near the state of New Jersey.

If you are thinking of visiting, you’ll find that there are many New York City tourist attractions to choose from. Here is a list to get you started.

NYC (16351)

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most widely recognized New York City tourist attractions. It was a gift given by the French government to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the signing of the declaration of independence.

The statue stands on what is called Liberty Island. It is a symbol of freedom from oppression. She is depicted carrying a torch and crushing a set of shackles (representing tyranny) beneath her feet.

A poem called “The New Colossus” by Emma Lazarus is posted inside. The word Colossus in the title refers to the ancient wonder of the world, the Colossus of Rhodes. The poem welcomes newcomers to a land of freedom.

Ellis Island is one of the most famous New York City tourist attractions. It is located in NY harbor. The purpose of Ellis Island was to process see it for yourself new immigrants from the late 1800′s into the mid 1900′s.

Today, the immigration museum located there helps it rank among the most visited New York City tourist attractions. New generations flock to the site to walk in the path of their ancestors and to try to experience what it may have been like for them.

Other New York City tourist attractions pale in comparison to the significant size of the Empire State Building. Located at Fifth Avenue and West 34th St. in Manhattan, The ESB stands a whopping 102 stories tall. At that height, it is one of the largest buildings in the world.

On occasion, the upper reaches of Empire State Building bear brightly colored electrical lights. The color of the lights may vary based on the occasion. For example, at Christmas time they might be green and red, for patriotic holidays they might be red, white and blue, for St. Patrick’s day, green and orange and so on.

Among New York City tourist attractions, Times Square really stands out as a stunning location. This spot is sometimes called “The Crossroads of the World” by visitors – for good reason. There, at the connection between Broadway and Seventh Avenue in Manhattan, you’ll find the hustle and bustle of NYC. People, vendors, great restaurants and shops, flashy billboards, Times Square has it all!

Within eye distance you’ll see the Theater District, another great example of New York City tourist attractions. There you can take in any number of world famous plays and Broadway shows. NYC’s Broadway is renown for it’s theater offerings.

Few New York City tourist attractions are as refreshing and rejuvenating as Central Park. Opening in 1859, Central Park was made a National Historic Landmark in 1963. It is home to many walking paths, skating rinks, a zoo, a wildlife refuge, beautiful landscapes and bridges and more.

Central Park

New York City tourist attractions abound for the would-be visitor. Other places that one might consider visiting include sports venues such as Madison Square Garden, home to the Rangers (ice hockey) and Knicks (basketball), Yankee Stadium, where the Yankees (baseball) play and Citi Field where the Mets (baseball) play. That’s not to mention the nearby New Meadowlands (just outside NYC), where the football teams the Giants and the Jets play.


There are many New York City tourist attractions for nature and animal lovers, as well. There are zoos in the Bronx region of NYC as well as in Central Park, and Prospect Park in the Brooklyn borough is a great place to go to soak in some green.

Looking for New York City tourist attractions with some history behind them? Well, there’s plenty to talk about there. For starters, one might check out the American Museum of Natural History on the upper west side of Manhattan. There you can check out exhibits on biology, gems and minerals, meteorites and fossils. There’s also a planetarium if you are interested in outer space.

Another cool place is the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum, also on the west side. There you can see ships such as the Intrepid (a World War 2 aircraft carrier), submarines and supersonic aircraft.

There’s not many New York City tourist attractions that can claim to have hosted as many foreigners as Flushing-Meadows Corona Park, located in the Queens borough of NYC. It was the location for two different World Fairs (1939 and 1964). While there, you’ll want to see the Unisphere, a large representation of the globe.

One of the most surprising New York City tourist attractions isn’t so much a place as it is a thing. What is it? Why, food, of course! As a home to generations of immigrants such as the Italian, the Jewish and more, NYC has tons of cuisine options. The New York-style pizza, bagels and cheesecake are popular choices!

Some New York City tourist attractions are architectural gems. Besides the aforementioned Empire State Building, there are several wonderful places to check out. The George Washington Bridge is a suspension bridge across the Hudson river. It handles a tremendous amount of vehicular activity each day.

Perhaps even more well known is the Brooklyn Bridge, it goes over the East River and is one of the oldest suspension bridges in existence.

Brooklyn Bridge

Wall Street is a capital of commerce and finance that hosts the New York Stock Exchange. It is located in lower Manhattan.

19 Jun 2014

Five of the Biggest Returns in WWE History

Brock Lesnar Confronted John Cena on RawThis article looks at five of the biggest returns in WWE history. Big names like Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, and Bret “The Hitman” Hart all made surprise returns to WWE, and all of their returns made an impact on WWE Superstars and fans.

Brock Lesnar: Here Comes the Pain

There were rumors that Brock Lesnar would return to WWE in 2010 to fight The Undertaker when Lesnar and Taker confronted each other after Lesnar lost to Cain Velasquez at UFC 121. But Dana White, president of UFC refused to let Lesnar fight for WWE. Once Lesnar left White’s organization in 2011, however, he became a free agent.

Lesnar returned to WWE in April 2012 and immediately began a feud with John Cena, attacking Cena and causing his mouth to bleed. Lesnar reinforced his dominance by beating the hell out of Cena at WWE Extreme Rules on 29 April 2012, though he ultimately lost the match.

The Undertaker as wrestlemania 29 ticket prices the American Badass

The Undertaker had been gone from WWE for nearly nine months when he surprised the world by returning as someone very different from the scary, almost devilish Undertaker of 1999 that fans remembered. In May 2000, Taker showed up at the Judgment Day pay-per-view, clad in a long black leather coat, jeans, sunglasses, and a bandana. He let his natural Southern accent take precedence over sounding spooky, and used hip slang. He became known as the American Badass.

Gone was any talk of darkness and coffins, and in its place was talk of getting a “fat contract” and bringing in his then-wife Sara to ride with him on his motorcycle and take part in his feuds with the likes of Diamond Dallas Page. Taker stayed in a more real-life persona for approximately three years, before taking another leave of absence and returning as the Deadman so many fans know and love in 2004.

Hulk Hogan: Return of the Red and Yellow

Few could have expected Hulk Hogan to return to the company he left in 1993. And Vince McMahon and the World Wrestling Federation’s anger at Hogan seemed like it would not abate. One has only to watch the mid-1990s “Huckster and Nacho Man” parodies of Hogan and Randy Savage to see WWE’s then-vitriol toward Hogan.

But in 2002, the Hulkster came back to WWE, to much approval from the crowd. The applause went on for so long, he kept becoming choked up with emotion. Hogan at first banded together with his old nWo friends Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, and feuded with another icon of the 1990s and 2000s, The Rock. Hogan fought him at No Way Out in 2003, but lost the match. He later left WWE and ended up in TNA, WWE’s biggest rival wrestling organization.

The Rock vs. John Cena

When The Rock left WWE in 2004 to make it in Hollywood, fans wondered if the “Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment” would ever return to the squared circle. Though he assured his followers that he would one day come back, he only made sporadic appearances, usually on some important anniversary of WWE’s. However, Rock took a big disliking to John Cena, and the two feuded for over a year before meeting at Wrestlemania 28, where Rock defeated Cena, to the delight of his hometown crowd of Miami, Florida.

Bret “The Hitman” Hart: Hell Froze Over

After the Montreal Screwjob in 1997, Bret “Hitman” Hart left the World Wrestling Federation, as he’d intended to do, but he left much angrier than he thought he’d be. Any wrestling fan could be forgiven for thinking he would never return to the company that he perceived had treated him so unfairly, and caused him to lose the championship he’d thought he would retain before leaving. Hart was particularly angry at Vince McMahon for his treatment.

However, Hart returned to WWE in January 2010, to much acclaim and joy by the fans. Though Hart had to be careful, due to a stroke he suffered in 2002, he nevertheless took part in several tag team matches, and beat the hell out of Mr. McMahon at WrestleMania 26, with help from friends and relatives. Hart continued to make sporadic appearances for WWE after this.

The return of long-gone wrestlers, particularly those who were thought unlikely to return to WWE, has always been one of the more interesting, surprising features of the organization. They will no doubt continue to do so in the future.


Online World of Wrestling

World Wrestling Entertainment

19 Jun 2014




Dec. 21, 2008, 2 p.m.

St. Peter’s Church, Salem, Mass.

* A Family-Friendly Event *

Tickets on Sale NOW!  

Go to:

Produced by the nonprofit Institute for Music, History, and Cultural find the cheapest tickets Traditions, in cooperation with Salem Main Streets   A Salem “Holiday Happenings” event 


“Cold is the Nightwind: A Victorian Christmas Program” Concert featuring Jim & Maggi Dalton

Illustrated Talk on Salem and Regional Christmas Customs with Historic New England’s Julie Arrison and Megan Mac Gregor

Tour of historic St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Salem, Mass. (site of the program)

and more!


Adults $ 10.00 each ticket

Festival Excursion:

(Children under 12 years of age

accompanied by one adult) $ 18.00 each ticket

Family Festival

(any number of children under 12 years of age

accompanied by two adults) $ 25.00 each ticket

Special Offer: Historic New England Members: $ 8.00 each ticket

(please include your membership number on the check)

Checks should be made out to “IMHCT.ORG” and mailed to

IMHCT, 203 Washington St. #263 * Salem MA * 01970-3680 * USA

Pick up your tickets at the door the day of the event



18 Jun 2014

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17 Jun 2014

The History of the Mafia in Las Vegas, Sin City

Although gambling was around in Las Vegas way before the mob, and had even been legal since the 1930s, it took the greedy imagination and chutzpah of the mafia to turn the podunk little town destined to be known as Sin city into the gambling mecca that it is today.

Las Vegas and the Mafia: Enter the Mafia

A guy by the name of Meyer Lansky gets the credit for being the first mobster to get that greedy little twinkle in his eye for Vegas who actually did something about it. (Al Capone is said to have been interested, but never acted upon the idea.) Meyer was Lucky Luciano’s partner and confidant, and he didn’t feel like getting the blame if Sin City didn’t work out. So he enlisted Bugsy Siegel to get mob excitement and investment moving.

Siegel built the Flamingo with mob money, but he completed work prematurely, before traffic could be built up. When he got nabbed skimming lots off the top of the construction funds, the mafia gave him an ultimatum: give it back, or face the music. The eventual success of the Flamingo was Siegel’s only hope of meeting their deadline, but it didn’t happen in time. So Bugsy faced the music – a nasty execution in a hail of bullets photographed in all its goriness.

Despite its rocky, mafia-prompted start, Las Vegas did grow. Lansky took over at the Flamingo and made it profitable, getting all the glory. Through the use of various fronts, the mafia, with representation from a number of U.S. cities in which they had a foothold, bypassed new government regulations trying hard rock hotel las vegas to keep them out. Hotels with casinos were erected. Big-name entertainment was brought in, like Frank Sinatra, who was sold a 9% stake in the Sands in an effort to get him to bless the place with his magnetic presence every so often. Lansky’s vision of Vegas as a money machine became a reality.

The idea that Las Vegas could work wasn’t really a stretch. The marvelously profitable Cuban experience the mafia generously partook of before Castro kicked them all out essentially proved it could work, and work well. In fact, it was all that money made from years of success in Cuban gambling that funded the fledgling enterprise of building Sin City.

One might wonder, however, how Vegas avoided implosion, given the potential for squabbles between mafia factions. The answer was a web of contractual agreements giving each casino and its owners a stake in the other places. This had the added advantage of making it very difficult to determine just exactly who was behind what when the law came snooping around.

It was known, however, that Jimmy Hoffa, the famed leader of the Teamsters Union whose grave no one can seem to find, was one of the biggest investors in Ceasar’s Palace. This investment, by the way, came at the expense of the Teamsters’ pension fund.

Las Vegas Without the Mafia: Howard Hughes

During the 1960s, eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes had a hankering for some of those fabulous Vegas profits. He proceeded to get a change in Nevada state law adopted which permitted him to buy up hotels and casinos, which he furiously did. When the dust settled, he owned 17 in all, essentially ending mob control of Vegas for a time. It is important to note, however, that while the big boys left town, their minions remained, maintaining involvement, likely engaging in shadiness, and perhaps, waiting for the day when the mafia would return to power.

Hughes essentially cleaned up Vegas by buying out the mafia big boys while providing the legitimacy of a highly-successful businessman such as himself. Previously, many corporate figures hadn’t wanted to dirty themselves with mafia-controlled Vegas and its sordid history. His whirlwind involvement changed all that.

Hughes dominance in Las Vegas, however, was destined to be short lived. He never made the profit margins he had hoped for because it seems he was never willing to approve capital investments of more than $10,000 at a time, hamstringing his own prospects for success. Eventually, a mere four years after his initial involvement, Hughes left Vegas and sold off his holdings. The mafia then reacquired their grip on Sin City, and some, like Robert Maheu, former government agent and long-time Hughes employee, have even suggested that the mafia engineered Hughes’ exit to that end in coup-like fashion.

Las Vegas and the Mafia: The Mob Returns

By the 1970s, the mob was back in Vegas, but this time, their dominance was short lived. The 80s saw an intense focus by the FBI on disrupting and eliminating mafia interests in Las Vegas. Legitimate owners took over, and then proceeded to make more money than Lansky or any other mobster had ever imagined.

The winning formula was to concentrate on the ‘non-sinful’ aspects of Sin City. Making Las Vegas family friendly greatly improved the bottom line – mega-resorts with thrilling rides, huge replicas of world landmarks, luxurious spas, and world-class dining and entertainment.

Today, Las Vegas is actually a relatively family-friendly travel destination, although of course plenty of opportunities to “sin” remain firmly in place. Casinos are now not just gambling havens, but mega-resorts, complete with fun-filled attractions for the kids and luxuries such as spas and world-class dining for the adults. However, the colorful history of mafia involvement remains. There’s even a museum there dedicated to it.

Oh, and by the way, the mafia aren’t gone from Vegas just because they don’t own the casinos anymore. Prostitution, as well as businesses upon which the hotel industry depends, are still fair game.


Cardinale, Krysta, “The Mafia in Las Vegas”,, accessed July 20th, 2010

Fisher, Kristi and Fisher, Mark, “Las Vegas, Organized Crime’s Promised Land”,, accessed July 20th, 2010

” Bugsy Siegel “,, accessed July 20th, 2010

Evans, K.J., “Howard Hughes, Sky Was No Limit”,, accessed July 20th, 2010

” Howard Hughes “,, accessed July 20th, 2010

16 Jun 2014

workout techniques Articles – Page 1

Three Primary Meditation Relaxation Techniques To Keep You Fit

By: neologicaltech | – Do you think that relaxation meditation techniques can only be learnt from professionals by joining classes at their place? It is true that only professionals that have appropriate knowledge of meditation techniques can instruct you well. Thats not true at all times, you dont need to join any classes and visit some place to learn how to relax your mind. To help you learn those methods and to calm your mind to lead a healthy lifestyle, there are various devices developed just to instruct yo …

Tags: relaxation meditation techniques

3 Great Benefits Regarding Insanity Workout Workouts

By: Max Dalton | – Are you ready to get oneself in good shape? Those who are not should know that it was in no way so easy and straightforward gain access to the most remarkable workout techniques by the celebrity trainer. Asylum, as it is now. This program is intricately made to cater to those in need for shedding weight in a bit of time and with comfort. This is more or less, the same as the P90X workout plan which objectives different muscle groups jointly.

A lot of men and women are usually eagerl …

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3 Great Benefits Regarding Insanity Workout Exercises

By: Max Dalton | – Are you ready to get yourself in good shape? Those who are not yet should know that it was by no means so easy and straightforward gain access to the most remarkable exercise techniques by the superstar trainer. Asylum, as it is now. This system is intricately built to cater to those in necessity of shedding weight in a not much time and with comfort. This really is more or less, the same as the P90X workout plan which focuses on different muscle groups together.

A lot of men and wo …

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3 Great Benefits Of Insanity Workout Workouts

By: Max Dalton | – Are you ready to get your self in good shape? Those who are not should know that it was in no way so easy and straightforward to access the most remarkable workout techniques by the movie star trainer. Asylum, as it is now. The program is intricately designed to cater to those in demand for shedding weight in a not much time and with comfort. This really is more or less, the same as the P90x workout plan plan which focuses on different muscle groups jointly.

A lot of men and women a …

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3 Great Benefits Regarding Insanity Workout Physical Exercises

By: Max Dalton | – Are you ready to get oneself in good shape? Those who are not should know that it was never so easy and straightforward to get into the most remarkable workout techniques by the celebrity trainer. Asylum, as it is now. The program is intricately made to cater to those in need of shedding weight in a almost no time and with comfort. That is more or less, the same as the P90X workout plan which targets different muscle groups collectively.

A lot of men and women are usually eagerly lo …

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3 Great Benefits Associated With Insanity Workout Exercises

By: Max Dalton | – Are you ready to get on your own in good shape? Those who are not yet should know that it was never ever so easy and straightforward to gain access to the most remarkable work out techniques by the movie star trainer. Asylum, as it is now. This software is intricately designed to cater to those in need of shedding weight in a almost no time and with comfort. This is more or less, the same as the P90x workout plan plan which objectives different muscle groups with each other.

A lot o …

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How To Start The P90x Workout Program

By: Jamal Cooke | – The P90X workout program is a program that is designed to help individuals improve the image of their body through a combination of exercises and techniques. Indeed, a P90X workout program includes body weights training, yoga training, weight training, kickboxing training, and core training to assist the users to achieve their goals in the best and fastest way. Tony Horton, the creator of the P90X workout program, employs the concept of muscle confusion in order to keep the outcomes by altering …

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Lead Generation Techniques That Will Help Your Business

By: David Sharp | – If you own a business that sells products or services, you will need to find new ways to bring in more customers or clients in order for your company to thrive. Learning lead generation techniques will help increase the number of potential customers or clients that walk through your doors. Without focusing any efforts on providing more leads to your sales team, your business will surely start to suffer.

Create a Lead Generation Website

One excellent way to generate mo …

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Get Your Game On: Gym Workout Routines For Women

By: David Sharp | – Men and women are built differently, and it is important for a good workout routine to accommodate those differences. There are many different goals to fitness. While some enjoy working out to tone muscle and lose weight, others try to gain weight to build more muscle during their workout routine. When getting started with a new exercise regimen, it is important to find a workout that accommodates your specific goals. There are a number of gym workout routines for women. This sample 60 minute in …

Tags: gym workout routines for women, 7 minute workout, good workout schedule, lead generation techniques, article marketing automation, article marketing strate

Tips On Successful Lead Generation Techniques

By: David Sharp | – In the world of promotion and sales, generating leads is crucial to success. This is why developing astute lead generation techniques are extremely helpful.

Successful lead generation techniques include:

. Know target markets

. Define compatibility between product or services and target markets

. Use comparative analysis of competitor markets to judge sufficiency of lead generation

. Implement and upgrade lead techniques

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3 Techniques To Explode Your Muscles With Weight Training

By: Mark McMannus | – There is no questioning the fact that weight training is the most effective way to build muscle and develop a ripped body. However there are a number of lifting techniques used by professional bodybuilders and trainers to dramatically accelerate the speed at which muscles grow.

Technique #1: Muscle Failure

Training to muscle failure is one of the most popular ways to enhance your weight training to build muscle. When using traditional weight training techniques, you can …

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Kettlebell Workout

By: Philip u Rees | – As far as full body workouts go you can do much better than using kettlebells. Unlike traditional dumbbells, you can safely manoeuvre a kettlebell in all sorts of ways. It is this feature that makes them so versatile and a kettlebell workout so flexible. It is the design of the kettlebell that makes all the difference.

The origins of kettlebells are distinctly agricultural. Dating back to 16th century Russia they were originaly used to counter balance early ploughs and other farm eq …

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Kettlebell Workout

By: Tevin w Houghton | – As far as full body workouts go you can do much better than using kettlebells. Unlike traditional dumbbells, you can safely manoeuvre a kettlebell in all sorts of ways. It is this feature that makes them so versatile and a kettlebell workout so flexible. It is the design of the kettlebell that makes all the difference.

The origins of kettlebells are distinctly agricultural. Dating back to 16th century Russia they were originaly used to counter balance early ploughs and other farm eq …

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Boxing For Fitness- An Excellent Workout Opportunity

By: Patrick Moore | – Following the standard workout regimen is boring and demoralising, and could also have a negative effect on your fitness. If you exercise the same muscular tissues every time you go to the gym, you are missing out on all-round fitness, and allowing few muscles go to waste. People usually boost their fitness regimes with a sport or activity that emphasizes on several different muscles, and one of the most popular ways to improve your exercise is through using boxing exercise. Keeping fit by makin …

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Go For Weight Training Workout For Women To Look Fit And Lean

By: gregqeqpev | – Ladies, are you worried about your increasing body weight and visible fat in the body? The solution to your problem lies in weight training workout. Yes, women can go for weight training too without any risk of looking too bulky or muscular. A query asked by of a lot of women that come to enroll themselves in gym or health clubs is will they start looking muscular if they go for weight training. N-O is the answer. A number of bench press or using light dumbbells will not make you look like Rambo …

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5 Most Effective Tips For Your Weight Loss Workout

By: Ram Gupta | – If you have decided that consistent exercise is the way to achieving your weight loss goals, you are on the right track. What you need to think of now is how to draw maximum benefit from your weight loss workout. Here are some tips that will help you focus on the right things, no matter what the specific form of exercise you have chosen.

1. Choose an Exercise you Enjoy

This is very important, if you want to sustain your efforts. Whenever you come across a real miracle o …

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All Of The Dissimilarities Between P90x Workout Plan And Insanity Home Exercise Systems

By: Teletabisi | –

May P90X or possibly Insanity home exercise routine method completely match your own desires? You can find different dissimilarities throughout each and every of the exercise routine techniques and furthermore in our posting We might be going over plus checking out each one of them.

We are going to get started with just one of the important aspects: selling price. The 1st cost for each exercise method could be the exact same, nearly a hundred and twenty dollars. P90X n …

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Ways Of Comparing The Insanity Workout Review And P90x Review

By: johnbruce | – The insanity workout review and p90x assessment may be compared within the world wide web. There are numerous sites which give useful info about both these exercise kinds. Both of them involve strenuous workouts of the body. While the insanity workouts primarily focus on the leg, arms and core region, the p90x exercise helps in bringing the overall fitness of the body. The p90x physical exercise is accomplished for 90 days and concentration is given to every part of the body on each day. Thus a …

Tags: insanity workout review, p90x review

Useful Information From P90x Reviews And Insanity Workout Review

By: johnbruce | – The insanity workout evaluation along with the p90x review present more information for the benefit of fitness conscious men and women. Any physical exercise can help us to gain the full benefits only if we commence practicing them under the guidance of a correct, well trained individual. Often, even exercises can lead to poor incidences like the fracture of bones, cramps of legs and the abdomen, thighs, Stiffness of the facial muscles, loosening teeth, internal bleeding as well as other alarmin …

Tags: insanity workout review, p90x reviews

What Is The Insanity Workout And What P90x Reviews Reveal?

By: johnbruce | – What exactly is an insanity workout? What details might be gained from p90x reviews? Everybody wishes to look fit and wants to develop six-pack abs along with other muscles. So where can we go for this sort of a training to maintain our fitness. It is achievable to maintain the fitness and to develop abs with this insane workout. We should really attempt these programs if we wish to obtain the very best of the rewards. Many individuals who have tried these exercises have provided their reviews o …

Tags: insanity workout, p90x reviews

Effective Weightlifting Techniques

By: Bern Ortiz | – Weightlifting techniques can appear confusing to many beginners, not because they are too complicate but because they are numerous and often contradictory. If you analyze several of the paid bodybuilding/weightlifting programs available on the Internet, you’ll see that the information they provide seems different from everything you know. Some claim that cardio is great, others deny the merits of cardio, some say that intensity training rules, other prefer the traditional approach with longer an …

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Get Ripped Workout Plan – Powerful Tecniques To Get Ripped

By: Chris Bledsoe | – You can workout till you are blue in the face, but it want make a difference unless you have a good get ripped workout plan. Go ahead, give it a try, you could workout every single day and still look as if you had a flabby belly.

There’s a difference between having big and having ripped muscles. You can be muscular and yet look bloated because your muscles are not defined. You have merely created more muscle without actually toning them.

To get ripped, you have to do m …

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Make Your Weight Loss Workout At Home A Success

By: Ram Gupta | – Even though you are serious about wanting to lose weight fast, you may be one of those people who just can’t make it to a gym for your workouts. There can be a variety of reasons holding you back from your nearby place of exercise, including cost, time or distance. The question on your mind, then, is whether you can successfully do a weight loss workout at home. The simple answer is: yes, you can. The challenge is not finding the right exercises to do – there are a lot of options for home-based …

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How To Improve Your Body Strength With Mma Workouts

By: bhraat | – MMA is known as Mixed Martial Arts. It is whole contact fight games that give a large selection of struggle techniques, from a mixture of traditional martial arts, to be used in opposition. An MMA training that builds Strength and habituation are keys to MMA victory. The rules authorize the use of striking techniques, both as standing and on the floor. Such competitions give martial player of dissimilar backgrounds to compete. Unlike some games that have an inadequate range of shifts and ability …

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Common Muscle Building Techniques Suitable For Everyone

By: Jeff Yuan | – Whatever you have heard, there simply aren’t the “perfect” muscle building techniques that everyone can simply repeat for themselves and have the perfect body. There are various workouts to try, and they won’t all work for everyone equally.

Since we’re all different, it’s hard to say that method “A, B or C” will work for you in the same way it did for your neighbor. Instead of looking at things this way, you will need to discover what’s best in your case.

When …

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Achieve Your Fitness Goals With P90x Workout

By: Louies Krish | – The health market is the most expanding market as more and more people are showing interest in weight loss and diet programs. As people are appreciating the importance of good health and its effect on their looks and self-confidence they are getting drawn to diet and fitness regimes. The companies are taking advantage of this hype and introducing new products that promise to help people lose weight and become fit. P90X workout is one such product with huge potential.

What is P90X Wo …

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Organic Memory Improvement Techniques

By: Harris | – The word organic may sound a bit unusual when we talk about techniques to improve memory. Here, the word organic is used to refer to the natural way in which you can work on the brain. Typically, this concept uses six different techniques that can be applied by people of all age groups to achieve memory improvement. This technique is safe and without any side effects. It is a step-by-step procedure, which does not involve any medication or treatment.

Step-By-Step Memory Improvement …

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Bodyweight Workout System – Bodyweight Strength Training Exercises

By: Bryan J Andrews | – A wide number of gyms and aerobic classes are growing in all places. They come in different programs and techniques to give you great results. Unfortunately, not all of us are able to avail of their services. This is the reason why bodyweight strength training exercises was developed so you can still be able to perform workout even in the comfort of your home.

Click Here For Bodyweight Workout System Instant Access Now!

This kind of workout includes strength training that u …

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Find Out Why The Best Fat Burning Workout Does Not Include Endurance Training

By: Isabel De Los Rios | – We all know how popular aerobics were; the skinny girls with the fluorescent body suits and leggings seemed to make the best fat burning workout videos that you could ever find. However, since aerobics first burst on the fitness scene as the best way to melt fat, studies have shown that long endurance exercise could actually hinder your fat loss instead of help it.

It would seem to make sense right? Work out for long periods of time, burn calories at a moderate pace and then watch …

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New Weight Loss Techniques Revealed!

By: Darren Starr | – There are many websites and programs purporting to have discovered new weight loss methods. They all have the same claims; “Lose 30lbs in 30 days” “Drop 12lbs in 7days” etc. Surprisingly, there are some that do work. You can actually lose weight with these “new weight loss methods”. There are pills that suppress your appetite, increase your metabolism, and give you the feeling of having lots of energy.

There are diets that will help you lose a colossal amount of weight in a short …

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Working Out With Jane Fonda Workout Videos

By: Jane M Dawson | – The queen of aerobics is all set to release a set of new DVDs this time focusing on seniors who have never exercised before. She is of the opinion that everyone must be in shape no matter what your age and regardless of a knee replacement surgery and a hip surgery she is keen to make a comeback. Her 1980s workout videos generated a new-found interest and passion among women to start working out to stay fit and healthy.

But the recent video does not focus so much on lifting he …

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Mma Workout Routine- Find The Master Within You

By: Matt Dyer | – MMA workout routine or mixed martial art is a new workout regimen. It is a very happening workout regime and that is why it has become popular. It surely is a very interesting as workout routine. It keeps the interests of others and helps in losing weight very fast.

It covers all kinds of exercises which help in the reduction of weight in an effective manner. The exercises specially focus on certain muscles of the body which makes it all the more effective. It is a kind of exercise …

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How To Attack Your Opponents With Your Mma Techniques?

By: Carl Hackman | – Successful MMA techniques include a good workout program. As a trick you have to know when and how to attack your opponents and find their part of the body who has serves as their weakness part so that every time you touch him in a certain spot, you know that you are doing the right thing, that will lead him to lose the game.

Your MMA techniques must have proper strength, power and training. Guys should have a better cardio, which includes their stamina not to get tired easily in the midd …

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Effective Training Techniques For Bodybuilders

By: Dane Fletcher | – For the careless body builder, injury is always a few paces ahead. Although it is not very easy to draw a line separating injury and weight training, it is very easy to spot the caress body builder when you come across one. Getting sweaty sometimes makes someone to feel like the whole world is pressuring him or her towards explosion.

As a body builder, you have to know that body building is essentially different from taking a casual walk in the nearby park. The simple truth is th …

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8 Surefire Ways To A Top-notch Heavy Bag Workout

By: Rahim Jiwani | – Okay, so you’re interested in a heavy bag workout. You want the strength and conditioning benefits that come with fitness boxing. I get it. You know that boxers are among the most conditioned athletes in the world. Or you understand that a heavy bag workout will provide lightening fast whole-body results. I’ve been there. I knew boxing provided fitness progress and benefits to a whole other level.

But here’s the thing. A heavy bag workout is the pinnacle of boxing for fitness. There …

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Incredible Workout Ebooks “?” Great Home Fitness Guide

By: Ohara Evan | – Home workout can be the best way of staying fit and healthy. With a little consciousness about personal health and wellness people can make their life healthier. Well personal fitness videos and home workout videos are very much popular nowadays as they provide the best way of learning best exercising techniques. Nowadays, people are also using home workout eBooks to get the knowledge about best home fitness techniques.

Why Workout EBooks?

Nowadays, there are several sources o …

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Will Pilates Workout Video Guarantee Rock Hard Abs?

By: Nick Valenko | – Everybody wants great abs, right? These days, it’s all the rage. We used to talk about hourglass figures and biceps and pecs and broad shoulders, and that stuff is great and all, but it’s really all about the abs now. If you want great, rock hard, lean, cut abs, a perfect six pack (and not the kind you drink), a pilates workout video can get you there.

Why pilates? Well, much like the martial arts, the technique goes a little deeper than simply working your muscles. You’ll also learn …

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Getting Fit: Can The Right Ab Workout Equipment Guarantee Great Abs?

By: Nick Valenko | – Here’s the truth: No matter what you’re willing to spend on your ab workout equipment, it’s down to you to make it work.

Shop around for some great ab equipment, and you’re going to make the whole process easier on yourself, but don’t kid yourself. If you don’t have the heart to keep going, you’re not going to get what you’re after. An ab cruncher will help you get better results faster, and it makes the process more fun, but…

The key word in there is “You”.

Fo …

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How To Get Maximum Benefit From Home Workout

By: Ohara Evan | – Nowadays, everybody is talking about home workout. People know the several advantages of home based workout, so they are adopting it quickly in their daily life. But, do they know how to get maximum benefits from home based workout? It is doubtful, as most of the people are not aware with the best exercising techniques or they lack proper fitness guidance.

This article describes the best ways of getting maximum benefits of home workout. Some of the best tips that people need while d …

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Home Workout Through Fitness Videos “?” Excellent Way Of Staying Fit

By: Ohara Evan | – Regular workout and fitness exercises are essential for everyone nowadays. In order to stay healthy a person has to adopt right workout techniques suiting the fitness requirements of their body. Although there are several health clubs and gymnasiums in every neighborhood, but due to various reasons everybody could not attend them regularly. Even if someone plans to join a gym of health club to keep him or her in shape, they have to leave it due to timing and schedule constraints.

T …

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8 Ways To A Successful Heavy Bag Workout

By: Rahim Jiwani | – Okay, so you’re interested in a heavy bag workout. You want the strength and conditioning benefits that come with fitness boxing. I get it. You know that boxers are among the most conditioned athletes in the world. Or you understand that a heavy bag workout will provide lightening fast whole-body results. I’ve been there. I knew boxing provided fitness progress and benefits to a whole other level.

But here’s the thing. A heavy bag workout is the pinnacle of boxing for fitness. The …

Tags: boxing fitness, boxing exercise, boxing & fitness, boxing workout, cardio boxing, MMA fitness

How To Get The Fastest Results Out Of Your 3day Workout Routine.

By: Vincent Jeffries | – There are so many people out there following a 3day workout routine week in and week out, but they are not experiencing the results the want. There are also tons of people out there who train all year through and only gain 5 to 10 pounds a year. Lets be honest. Training in a gym is hard work, as is creating the body we want. Some people are very lucky and have the right circumstances and achieve satisfactory results with their 3day workout routine. Most of us battle away and hardly see a …

Tags: 3day workout routine, 6 best ab exercises, best bodybuilding

Workout Schedule For Beginners

By: Josh Owen | – If you’re looking for a good beginner workout schedule, you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to give you the best schedule for beginners. This weight training schedule will help you make the fastest possible progress.

Your weight lifting schedule should be built around your body’s ability to recover from a workout. Science has proven that the body needs about 48 hours to recover from a workout. So your weekly weight training schedule should look like this:

Day 1: L …

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Pre-workout Nutrition For Ultimate Performance And Fat Loss

By: Jason Yun | – Everybody probably knows what the #1 most important meal of the day is. Its breakfast. That fact has been drilled into us since we were little. It sets your bodys tone and metabolism for the day. Fat loss is virtually impossible with out it.

Problem is a lot of people dont know about this little fat loss secret Im about to share with you. What you eat before a workout is one of the most important things you can do during the day for ultimate fat need you now hit single loss. Without a solid p …

Tags: Nutrition, supplementation, supplements, pre-workout, exercise, energy, carbohydrates, body fuel, fat loss

Workout Building Muscle – A Workout Tailored For Building Muscle

By: Chris Manning | – Hey guys here is the skinny on working out and building muscle…if you really want to increase in size, you NEED to train using compound exercises.

What are compound exercises, you ask? They are exercises that target several of your major muscles at the same time. I won’t lie to you; these are exercises that kick your butt. In the following Workout for Building Muscle you’ll be exposed to some of the most grueling, heart pounding and muscle demanding exercises.

If …

Tags: workout building muscle, muscle building routine, how to build mass muscle

The Reason Why Heavy Weight Lifting Workout Sessions Can Lead To Numerous Muscle Injuries

By: Francesco A. Castano | – Many weight lifters believe that using extremely heavy weights for their weight training workout sessions will lead to quicker results when compared with a lighter weight workout focus, and this idea is correct to a degree. Heavy weight and lower rep bodybuilding sessions do produce bigger muscles, so it’s no shock that most who achieve muscle building success perform at least a portion of their bodybuilding workouts using a low rep philosophy.

Yet, the problem for many weight …

Tags: bodybuilding, weight training, weight lifting, muscle, muscle mass, workout, fat loss, exercise, diet

Inner Chest Workout – Gain A Fuller And Thicker Inner Chest With This Targeted Inner Chest Workout

By: Chris Manning | – Everyone wants to have a bigger chest…but…in their quest to develop and grow their chest muscles they seem to forget the most important aspect: to have a well-rounded and proportional chest.

Nothing can be worse than having an odd-shaped chest that YOU created. For example, have you ever seen guys with super-developed upper chests and no lower chest at all? There is absolutely no symmetry and balance.

Or, have you ever seen the guys who only do bench presses and …

Tags: inner chest workout, muscle building routines, muscle routine, workout building muscle, hard gainer

Learn The Most Powerful Tricep Workout For Building Monster Arms!

By: Nick Nilsson | – FACT: To get big arms you need to work the triceps HARD.

FACT: I’m going to tell you how to work the triceps HARD and SMART.

If you’ve ever read articles on arm training, you’ve probably learned that the tricep muscle makes up about 2/3 of total arm mass. The bicep, while being a great “show” muscle, is actually relatively small!

That’s all well and good, and just blindly doing tricep exercises without a plan may net you some results, but to really maximize y …

Tags: triceps, arms, big arms, big triceps, guns, get big arms, arm training, tricep, tricep workout, arm exercise

Nine Kickass Ways To Burn The Flab In Seven Days!

By: Joseph Plazo | – 1. Holistic Fitness is crucial: Keep your overall fitness in mind instead of just one facet of it. Realize that there are four major aspects that one work on: aerobic fitness, endurance and muscle strength, body composition and flexibility. Develop and build upon each of these every training day.

2. Focus on the sports objectives: Hone parts of the body which is most used for your primary activity activity. If you play soccer you would want to hammer on endurance, and if you co …

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16 Jun 2014

Why Does Nike Charge $315 For Shoes?

After Nike’s revealing of their newest shoe release, Lebron X Nike Plus, named after NBA superstar Lebron James, which is priced at a whopping $315, there has been a huge debate about how Nike prices their shoes. However, the fact that Nike charges premium prices on their shoes along with a lot of their apparel and accessories is nothing new. One of their most popular shoe products, The Air Jordans or Jordans, named after basketball icon Michael Jordan, has been selling in excess of $100 since the late 80′s.

So the question arises, “How can Nike get away with charging up to $315 for a pair of shoes?”

Simply put, Nike can charge $315 for a pair of shoes because they can. And guess what, YOU, the consumer, play a huge role in how Nike prices their products.

How Consumers Affect Pricing Of Nike Products?

It all comes down to simple consumer economics. Nike has been charging over $100 for shoe products and apparel for many years. On the other hand, they have had customers actually paying over $100 for shoe products and apparel during the same period. As a result, Nike realizes that people are willing to pay over $100 for their products. Consequently, Nike will continue to test how much people are willing pay for their products.

Additionally, the only way that Nike will reduce the prices on their products is if consumers decide not to buy them. If enough people choose not to buy their products at those prices, then Nike, in order too make sales, will have to lower their prices.

It is unfortunate that many consumers do not take advantage of their power to affect pricing. Many consumers just accept how companies price their products with little resistance. As a result, you have companies charging higher and higher prices.

One can argue that consumers are just as much the blame for high prices as the corporations. It is not so much as corporate greed, but consumer tolerance.

Why Consumers Are Willing To Pay So Much For Nike Products?

Thanks to strategic marketing and branding, consumers perceive Nike products to be better. In addition to that, many Nike customers feel like wearing Nike products give them social status. Furthermore, consumers associate higher pricing with high quality. Ironically, if Nike products were priced significantly lower, consumers would think that the products are not authentic.

Nike Prices Make Good Business Sense

If I was running Nike I would charge as much as the market would allow and YOU would too.

To put this into perspective take a look at the points below:

You are presented with a job offer from Company A with a starting salary of $120K.

You are presented with a job offer from Company B with a starting salary of $95K.

Both jobs offer the same benefits package.

Both jobs have the same responsibilities.

All things considered you would accept the offer from Company A. Why? Because it makes good business sense. Why in the hell would you take the offer from Company B when you have someone else willing to pay you $20,000 more?

Special Note: Whether you want to believe it or not, you are a business. Your products are your skills and time. Furthermore, the price that you charge for your skills and time is based on how much people are willing to pay. In addition to that, it is in your best interest to charge as much as the market will bear or you might be losing out on money.

So What’s The Solution To Overpriced Shoes?

As consumers we have a choice on whether we will buy a product or not. A company’s job is to provide products and services that the people are willing to buy. Consequently, if an overwhelming amount of consumers decide that they are not willing to buy Nike shoes for over $100, then Nike will have to re-evaluate famous footwear store coupons the pricing of their products. Essentially, what you have to do is boycott the company. I know it seems extreme, but in order to force a large company to make significant changes to their way of doing business, then you have to be extreme.

14 Jun 2014

The Padres Have Changed The Camouflage Design To A Digital Design

The San Diego Padres are a Major League Baseball team based in San Diego, California. They play in the National League Western Division. Founded in 1969, the Padres have won the National League Pennant twice, in 1984 and 1998, losing in the World Series both times. They and the Los Angeles Angels are the only MLB California teams to originate in California; the Dodgers and Giants are originally from New York, and the Athletics are originally from Philadelphia.

Many preseason predictions picked the Padres in 2010 to finish the season in last place in the NL West. On August 25, however, the Padres were 76/49 and in first place with a game lead.A 10 game losing streak immediately followed. With a 3/0 loss on October 3, the final game of the season, the Padres were officially eliminated from playoff contention and the eventual World Series champion San Francisco Giants won the division. The Padres led the NL West for 148 days in 2010.

Adrian Gonzalez would have been in the last year of his contract in 2011, but the Padres were not going to meet Gonzalez open market value especially with Jeff Moorad purchase of the Padres from John Moores not completing until around 2013.On December 6, 2010, Gonzalez was traded to the Boston Red Sox for a package of right-handed pitcher Casey Kelly, first baseman Anthony Rizzo, outfielder Reymond Fuentes, and a player to be named later, later determined to be Eric Patterson.The team has played its spring training games at the Peoria Sports Complex in Peoria, Arizona since 1994. They share the stadium with the Seattle Mariners.

From 1969 to 1993, the Padres held Spring Training in Yuma, Arizona at Desert Sun Stadium. Due to the short driving distance and direct highway route (170 miles, all on Interstate 8), Yuma was very popular with Padres fans, and many fans would travel by car from San Diego for Spring Training games. The move from Yuma to Peoria was very controversial, but was defended by the team as a reflection on the low quality of facilities in Yuma and the long travel necessary to play against red sox ticket sales other Arizona-based Spring Training teams (whose sites were all in the Phoenix and Tucson areas, both rather far from Yuma).

Starting in 1996 the Padres became the first national sports team to have an annual military appreciation event.[ Following in 2000 the Padres began wearing a camouflage, to honor the military; the jersey has since gone through three different versions.Starting in 2008, during every Sunday home games, the Padres wear camouflage jerseys. They also wear these uniforms on Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.

Beginning in 2011, the Padres have changed the camouflage design to a more modern "digital" design, using the MARPAT design after receiving permission from then-Commandant Conway,and dropped the green from the letting and logo of the jersey.Green has been replaced by a sand-olive color (also in the cap worn with the jersey). Since 1995[30] Marine Recruits from the nearby Marine Corps Recruit Depot often visit the games en masse, in uniform, often filling entire sections in the upper deck. When they are present, the team commemorates this with a special Fourth Inning Stretch featuring the Marine Hymn.

As of April 2005over sixty thousand marine recruits have been hosted by the Padres.This is part of an extensive military outreach program, which also includes a series of Military Appreciation Night games, and game tapes mailed to deployed United States Navy ships of the Pacific Fleet for onboard viewing (a large portion of the Pacific Fleet is homeported in San Diego).

About the Author:

Amanda Harrison is the author of . Ticketsinventory is a leader tickets market search engine that enable Ticket shoppers to easily find, compare and buy San Diego Padres Tickets sports tickets, theatre tickets MLB Tickets plus other events tickets.—The-Padres-Have-Changed-The-Camouflage-Design-To-A-Digital-Design/2781314

13 Jun 2014

ACM Awards 2012 Winners — Eli Young Band Snags…

April Fools Day was no joke for members of the Eli Young Band, who hit the 2012 ACM Awards in Las Vegas and made off with a surprise Song of the Year victory.

“Crazy Girl” beat out stiff competition from industry big dogs Lady Antebellum and Kenny Chesney, who were nominated for the oft-played “Just a Kiss” and “You and Tequila” respectively. Also up for the honor was Dierks Bentley’s “Home” and the truest dark horse of the bunch, the Vince Gill tune “Threaten Me with Heaven.”

The winning song, penned by Lee Brice and Liz Rose, was well-received by country fans and well-played by country radio. It is, at its core, an anthem to the ups and downs inherent in relationships and an ode to sticking it out when times get tough. It is, at its heart, what country music is supposed to be: A song about life and love.

Late last week, lead singer Mike buy event tickets Eli said he was beyond pleased to be included in the ranks of Song, Single Record, and Group of the Year 2012 ACM Awards nominees. He said that “Crazy Girl” had “absolutely changed our lives.” And of course, winning an ACM Award with help, too.

13 Jun 2014

How To Save Money Shopping Anywhere

When new lines of product come out, it’s not unusual for the company to offer a try-me-free rebate. These aren’t always advertised so they can stein mart shopping be hard to find. Many of the coupon matchup sites will make you aware of when rebates are offered.

To use a try-me-free rebate, all you have to do is buy the product. From there you can go their website or fill out the paper form if one is offered. Many manufacturers require that an online form be filled out to get your rebate. You may also find them on the product themselves.

Using rebates are a great way to get free items, if you don’t mind waiting a few weeks to get your money back.

Menards Rebate Program

Menards is a hardware store that is only available to a few states. I’m sure there are other stores that offer a similar program, but I’ll use Menards as an example of one of the best rebate programs around.

Each week with their new ad, they offer items that are free or highly discounted after rebate. There is a steady supply of random products that you can get free, excluding tax. After buying a product, a rebate slip prints on the reciept. After you get your reciept look at the number of each rebate and locate the small rebate form from the front desk or printable online. They need to be filled out and sent with the reciept slips in an envelope to the required address. A few weeks later, you’ll receive a Menards “check” that you can then use to keep buying more free-after-rebate items. You can use your initial investment over and over every few weeks by only purchasing rebate items!

Menards Rebate FAQ and Tracking

Office Max Rewards Program

13 Jun 2014

Summer Concerts in Minneapolis for the Whole Family – Yahoo Voices

Ah, summer season. The time of year most Minnesotans live for is ultimately right here. Certain you acquire a few warm, clammy days, but also for the a lot of component the temperatures in June, July, August and September are comfy, so make the most of the opportunity to invest some time outdoors.

The Minneapolis Songs and Movies in the Park series is merely the start. Music lovers could appreciate lots of performances throughout the summertime at other venues also. Visit and/or to access some quite detailed lists of upcoming performances not merely in Minneapolis, however throughout the Twin Cities.

This year, the free music in the parks events will certainly be offered in between May 30 via September 5 at the aftering locations: Lake Harriet, Nicollet Isle, Bryant Square Park, Dad Hennepin Bluffs and Minnehaha Falls Park. Right here are more details:.

Music fans could also capture free real-time songs Monday nights at 7 p.m. at Nicollet Island Park, Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7 p.m. at Bryant Square Park, Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. at Daddy Hennepin Bluffs; and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings at 7 p.m. at Minnehaha Falls Park.

The Lake Harriet Band Layer is the trademark place for day-to-day concerts. They occur Monday with Saturday at 7:30 p.m., and on Sunday at 2 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

The performances include something for each musical preference, varying from Stone, Bluegrass and Big Band to Jazz and Latin. Performances range from full instrumental and jazz music sets to area chorales. There are also a number of terrific solo artists on the efficiency routine.

There are many fantastic points to do in this city, including bike riding, jogging around the lakes and boating, however probably among the most well-liked activities is to enjoy a concert in the excellent outdoors. Every year the Minneapolis Music in the Parks concert series offers greater than 200 free performances featuring skilled neighborhood and regional artists. Typically, the neighborhood and regional bands attract massive groups to the parks so you’ll intend to show up early to obtain a good seat. Probably you ‘d even such as to make a day out of it. All of the city’s parks headliners provide wonderful facilities.

To watch the total 2011 Performance routine, go to to the Minneapolis Music and Movies in the Parks Website. Aside from noting the bands arranged to execute, the site additionally has actually info noted regarding the sort of songs the bands will certainly be executing.

10 Jun 2014

Pink Lipstick for Olive Skin

When you want your makeup to look great, it is essential you know which colors and shades looks best on you. Choosing the right lipstick shade that flatters your skin color and skin tone can be a tricky job. Here is a guide that will help you to choose the right pink lipstick for olive skin.

There is hardly any woman, whether old or young who goes out without a swipe of lip color or lip gloss. A woman might skip applying a concealer or a foundation, but she hardly misses putting on her favorite lipstick. Although there are myriad of lipstick colors available in the market, most women would say that their favorite lipstick color is pink. And why not? A good pink lipstick can be used anywhere and everywhere, be it a casual day event or a formal dinner party. One swipe of a beautiful pink lipstick and you feel instantly like a princess. All pink lipsticks are not suitable for everyone. Another important thing to remember is never to judge a lipstick color by its packaging. A tube that looks attractive might just not work for you. You need to choose a pink lipstick shade that flatters your skin tone and eye color.

Choosing Pink Lipstick for Olive Skin

If you have an olive complexion, then it’s time to thank your lucky stars. Most olive-skinned women have a warm skin tone and can pull off almost all pink lipstick shades, except the very pale frosty ones. To make sure that you do not make the mistake of purchasing a lip color that will make you look unflattering, always try the shade on the skin before you purchase it.

Best Pink Lipstick Shades for Olive Skin

The basic thing to remember is that, darker your skin tone the more pigment you can wear. So you can go for some deep pink colors like fuchsia, berry, orangey pinks and intense pinks with a hint of purple. Some great shades of pink lipstick shades for olive skin are:

Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Colour in Insolente

Dior Addict Lipstick in Hollywood Rose

NYX Round Lipstick in Louisiana

Lancome L’Absolu Rouge in Voile de Rose

Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Madère

L’Oreal High Intensity Pigments in Black Cherry

Lancome Color Fever Lipstick in Pink in the Limo

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Sweet Tart

Dolce & Gabbana The Lipstick Classic Cream Lipstick in Velvet

Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Lipstick in Hot Pink

MAC Lipstick in Skew

Urban Decay Iconic Lipstick in Hotpants

Laura Mercier Lip Colour in Camellia

Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Fuchsia

Benefit Full-Finish Lipstick in Pillow Talk

Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Colour in Confidentielle

Dolce & Gabbana The Lipstick Classic Cream Lipstick in Mandorla

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor in Pink Wink

MAC Pink Nouveau

Skin Tone and Lipstick Shade

There are basically two types of skin tones – warm skin tone and cool skin tone. People who have a very fair complexion with rosy cheeks have cool skin tone and those who have tan or olive skin have a warm skin tone. If you are still not sure about your skin tone, look carefully in the mirror in sunlight. If you see any flecks of yellow or brown on your skin, then it means that you have a warm skin tone. Choose pink lipsticks that have an undertone of orange and green as they balance out the yellow pigment present in the skin. When choosing a pink lipstick shade for olive skin, steer clear of any frosted shades as this makes your complexion look tired and jaded. A pink-tinted natural lip gloss would also look great on olive skin.

There are also different formulations of pink lipstick available in the market that gives different finishes. You can choose from long-lasting matte lipsticks to creamy pearl finish ones. Those who are reluctant to wear lipsticks with an intense pigment can also experiment with different lip glosses and lip stains in shades of pinks like rich berries and dusky rose. When you wear such a muted color on your lips, you can go ahead and wear bold colors for your eyes. Opt for smoky smoldering eyes in gray or silver which complements the nyc cosmetics pink lipstick shade.

07 Jun 2014

How to Stack Coupons

Why Should I Stack Coupons?

Have you ever watched a show on TLC called “Extreme Couponers”? You can see plenty of examples of shoppers stacking coupons on this show. When you stack coupons, you can get an item for cheap or even free!

Try to find items that are on sale. Some of my favorite sales are the buy-one-get-one free (or BOGO in couponer’s terms). If you can find a great sale and the stack a manufacturers coupon with a store coupon, most times, you will get the item for free. This is how the Extreme Couponers make it out of the stores with a thousand dollars worth of food and only pay twenty dollars.

Stacking coupons has saved so many families from going into debt. Groceries are one of the largest bills that you can change yourself. While stacking coupons, a family could go from spending eight hundred dollars a month on groceries to three or four hundred dollars a month!

Where Do I Find Store And Manufacturer Coupons?

Most manufacturer sports authority 20 off coupon coupons can be found in the newspaper or in magazines. Newspapers usually send their coupons out on Sundays.

Store coupons can be found on the stores website and in their sales flyers. Some stores electronic coupons that you can look directly to your store card. No coupon clipping involved! To load the electronic coupons to your store care, go to the stores website and go to the coupon category.

If you are not signed up with the stores site, fill in your information to become a member. It is free. While in the stores coupon section, enter your store card number so that when you click on an electric coupon it can load directly to your store card. You will need to check their electronic coupon page before you go shopping each time since coupons are constantly coming and going.

Each Stores Coupon Policy Is Different

You will want to make sure you know the stores coupon policy before you start stacking coupons. Most grocery stores will let you stack coupons, but there are a few that will not let you stack coupons.

To find out which stores let you stack, you can look up a stores coupon policy on their website. If you are at the store, you could either go to the Customer Service desk and ask to see the coupon policy or ask one of the store employees (cashiers, managers and customer service) about their coupon policy.

How Do I Keep Track Of All Of These Coupons?

You could use few different methods to organize and store coupons.

My favorite is the coupon binder. All you need is a three ring binder, label sheet inserts and baseball insert pages. Clip each coupon as it comes in and place it in the correct slot under the corresponding category.

The Insert Method is very simple. Use a three-ring binder and sheet protector inserts. As you receive coupon inserts, place them in the next sheet protector and label the date you received the coupon insert. Many websites will point you to the correct insert on the correct date for a certain coupon. Check out sites like CouponMom or GroceryGame to see how the insert method works.

The accordion file is small and portable. Categorize each section as a different department in the grocery store. After you have clipped your coupons, insert them into the correct category in the accordion file.

07 Jun 2014

Party Supplies – Theme – Yahoo Voices

Find cheap party supplies online. Party ideas and supplies for new years, graduations, bachelorettes, and childrens birthdays. A guide to starting your own partying planning business.

The Best Cheap Party Supply Place Online

There are lots of places that sell supplies for parties but many of them are super costly. There is a place that has party supplies in most any theme – and are very reasonably priced.

Start Your Own Party Planning Business

This is a service that parents will love since they will be able to sit back and relax. There are many decisions that have to be made when you are starting to plan your own business.

Five Fun Birthday Party Games for Kids

Remember the fun and excitement of birthday party games? Playing games and winning prizes is often one of the fondest memories of childhood. These 5 party games are sure to be a hit at your child’s next party.

Naughty Bachelorette Party Drinks and Games

Why should the boys have all the naughty fun? Women are choosing bachelorette parties over the formal bridal shower and flavoring the celebration with naughty adult themes. Here’s some ideas to get going with!

05 Jun 2014

A Day in the Life of a Flight Attendant


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A day on the job. For a flight attendant that could mean…a trip to Paris…or an emergency landing. It can be fun, an adventure, or both…but is it work? I’ve found that working for a major airline this past year has been one of the hardest jobs I have ever had, and yet one of the most enjoyable. The schedule and the passengers challenge me in ways I never could have imagined. But nothing beats hanging out in Las Vegas for 24 hours with a company-paid hotel room and expense money. The thousands of us flying encounter many different experiences during the course of a day. This is a day (well, technically a trip) in my life…

5:45 P.M. Friday: The Assignment

In the airline industry, seniority rules. Mechanics, pilots, flight attendants, customer service agents–all of these employees enjoy pay rates, schedules and benefits based on their length of service with the company. Among flight attendants, seniority determines status as a lineholder or reserve. Lineholders have a flying schedule set at least one month in advance; they know when and where they will work and on what types of aircraft. The airlines use reserves to fill open flying time and to cover positions vacated by lineholders calling in sick or on holiday. If you are a relatively new flight attendant, like me, you can expect to sit reserve for a couple of years. Flight attendants often receive a set schedule (known as a block) after less than two years, but at some bases, flight attendants can sit reserve for more than ten years.

As a reserve flight attendant, my “work day” begins with a call from a crew scheduler. Each airline operates differently; at mine, schedulers call reserves on-duty to ask what trips they want to fly the following day. Trips are paid by the flight hour, from the time the aircraft door is shut to the time it is opened. And for every hour away from base, flight attendants are paid expense money. This particular Friday evening, when crew scheduling calls, I choose a four-day trip on the Airbus 319–one of our newer aircraft. It pays better than average and overnights in Raleigh-Durham, Washington, DC and Denver. Working what the airline labels the “C” position, I serve in the economy cabin and sit in the front, near the boarding door. With my trip set, I pack. I take a few extra pieces of my uniform and some clothes for the overnight. I go to bed early since I must check in early the next morning.

7:30 A.M. Saturday: Check-in

This morning, I go down to the crew room below the airport concourse in Philadelphia. Each base has a crew room complete with couches, computers and supervisors’ offices. Pilots and flight attendants also have boxes or folders there for company mail. Before starting a trip, a crewmember must check in for it. First things first, I use the computer to sign in for the trip. If you do not sign in an hour before the trip departs, you are liable to get written up by your supervisor. Since boarding begins 30 minutes prior to departure, there’s not much time to spend in the crew room, but I have a few minutes to check my box for memos and chat with friends. I head to the plane to meet up with the rest of the crew.

Communication between the cockpit and the cabin plays a vital role in maintaining a safe environment, and the crew briefings at the beginning of a trip set the tone. Once on the airplane, Becky, the lead flight attendant, briefs Mike and me on safety procedures, delegates announcement responsibilities and confirms that we have our emergency manuals. Afterward, the captain conducts his briefing, reviewing safety-related issues, flight time, weather, and what he likes to drink.

Ready, Set, Go: Inflight

About 30 minutes prior to departure, the agent working our flight comes down the jetway to begin boarding. Becky nods okay, and we finish checking our emergency equipment and catering supplies. From the forward galley, Becky and I greet the passengers and prepare drinks for first class customers. Mike hangs out in the back, monitoring the dwindling space in the overhead bins. Boarding tends to provide the biggest headache, especially considering I do not get paid until that door is shut. With a nearly full flight, it is pretty much guaranteed that space in the overhead bins will go quickly. Tensions mount, but bags need to be checked. Though the company no longer requires passenger counts, many pilots prefer to have them. When you see the flight attendant slowly coming up the aisle silently moving his or her lips, sometimes motioning his or her hands, that flight attendant is taking a count. As easy as it may seem, it often takes more than one count to get it right.

Once all the overhead bins are shut and the passengers are seated, the flight is ready for departure. I verify that the passengers seated in the window exit row are willing and able to assist in an emergency if necessary. Before shutting the door, the agent hands Becky a copy of the manifest, which lists first class passengers, passengers with special needs or meals, and gate connections. We arm the exits, enabling the slides to inflate if the doors are opened. After the safety video and a final cabin walk-through, the three of us strap into our jump seats and I practice my 30-second review, which includes evacuation commands and door operation procedures. It is still a thrill when we taxi onto the runway and the engines roar. You learn to recognize the strange (and initially scary) noises as just the lavatory toilet seat coming down or unused hangars banging in the closet.

Once we level-off at 10,000 ft, I head to the back and help Mike prepare for the breakfast service. To no one’s surprise, we serve the staple of the skies: omelettes and French toast. In the back galley, we brew coffee, cook the meals in the ovens and set up the carts. Since the beverage cart comes stocked with cans of sodas and juices, we just add a few things on top such as some cream and sugar for the coffee. Once the meals finish cooking, we begin serving from the front of the cabin to the back. It turns out we are short a few meals and have to ask the company employees traveling on the flight to go without a breakfast. I hate doing that, but they do not seem to mind. Space is undeniably tight on the beverage cart, and accidents are bound to happen. I am no exception on this leg, knocking a can of soda on a passenger as I reach for it. Not much spills, but he is still peeved. I give him a sorry form to get his pants dry-cleaned at the airline’s expense. Finishing the service, I settle in the back row with a book, assisting in the cabin as needed. Passengers occasionally bring cups and other trash back for me to dispose of as they head to the toilet, but the remainder of the long flight is a coffee break of sorts for us.

Service in first class is usually more involved. With 12 or fewer passengers on the smaller jets, it also tends to be more intimate. No carts are needed, and food and beverages are presented in china and glassware. Various types of people fly first class, but that cabin mostly fills up with business people and other frequent flyers. Celebrities occasionally make an appearance. A friend served Sissy Spacek once, and another flew with the members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

During the flight, a problem arises, which is relatively common on longer flights. Sitting in the back, I notice the smell of cigarette smoke coming from the lavatory. A passenger exits and it is obvious he has been smoking. There is no sign of the cigarette in the trash, but I advise him that smoking in the lavatory is a violation of a federal law and comes with a large fine. There are set procedures to deal with situations like these and paperwork to complete.

We cruise through the rest of the day with little problem, except when I smash Mike’s finger in the overhead bin as we both try to close it. He’s okay, though he is quick to point out the tiny white scratch on his fingernail. An extra flight attendant joins us in Denver for our next leg to Charlotte. She notices a pregnant woman sitting in the exit row, and the four of us discuss whether the passenger is qualified to do so. Since no regulation explicitly excludes pregnant women from those seats and the passenger insists she is both willing and able to assist in an emergency, we decide to let her stay there. The last leg of the day is the easiest. Since the airline needs us in Raleigh-Durham, but does not need us to work from Charlotte, we deadhead on another crew’s flight.

Gas, Food, Lodging: The Layover

We arrive in Raleigh-Durham at 8:00 P.M. I take Mike and Becky to the restaurant where I once waited tables. My old boss gives us dinner on the house, certainly a welcome treat on our first-year salary. We have an early start again the next morning and there is not a whole lot to do near the airport in Durham, so we don’t stay out late.

On an overnight, the airline provides each crewmember with his or her own hotel room. Long layovers (at least 15 hours off) land you at a decent hotel downtown, near the beach or some sort of shopping venue. For shorter layovers, you will usually stay at or very near the airport. My crew, both the pilots and the flight attendants, stay together the entire trip–layover and all. Some airlines work a little differently, putting flight attendants and pilots in separate hotels. The airline also covers meals, if you count the expense money paid for the trip.

12:40 P.M. Tuesday: Check-out

The next few days of the trip are surprisingly uneventful. The video system on the Airbus, sophisticated as it is with its automatic preprogramming, occasionally malfunctions. Threatened with having to do the safety discount vegas shows demo the “old-fashioned way,” we manage to play the video manually. At the end of day two, as the plane pulls off the runway at National Airport in D.C., I persuade Becky to spice up the arrival announcement. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our nation’s capital,” she says, instead of the scripted “Welcome to Washington, DC.” I cannot tell if anyone notices. By the end of the fourth day, most of the giddiness has been replaced with exhaustion.

At the end of the last leg, we land in Philadelphia. The trip is now over. I am released from duty 15 minutes later. This rest period lasts at least eight hours and is guaranteed to be free from phone contact from schedulers. Leaving the airport, I head out to the employee parking lot, pick up my car and head home. Back in my room, I unload my bags and unplug the phone.

If you want to pursue one of the fastest-growing, most dynamic careers in the world, visit to begin your journey…

Author’s Bio: 

David Silverstein, a recent graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, is a first-year flight attendant with a major airline.

05 Jun 2014

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Photo Shoot With Cirque Zumanity! « NeNe Leakes

Nene Leakes Blog… thats what Im talking about! hehehe. Hey Nene, I like the new look and the diversity you have. I dont think the other Housewifes could be as quick to chop n change the way you do and keep it real at the same time!

I am a huge, HUGE fan.. and I just want to say to you… Stay on RHOA! hahaha. Honestly… you have become part of that Brand. Since the inception of the show, back in the way back… and it is your platform to be you Nene.

All these other gigs, shows, opportunities that you have are amazing, and Im proud of your achievements as any Fan would be. However, RHOA is where you get to express who you are, in all your realness.. with haters and lovers, left, right and centre.

Let RHOA be your platform to showcase that Nene we love, and let all these other opportunities help build your already amazing career.

I am a true fan, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!! To all you haters, who may come and leave a comment on this… guess what… “I said what I said” and you can take that, blow with the wind, catch a bus, have a seat or half price tickets las vegas take a hike.. either way you wanna go… just go! BLOOP!!

28 May 2014

Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour from Cirque Du Soleil hits DC area in March – Washington DC Entertainment

Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour, one of the top 10 grossing music tours of all time, will perform in Fairfax, VA on March 21 and 22 at the Patriot Center. Since its world premiere in Montreal in October 2011, this electrifying production has thrilled audiences across North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Created by Cirque du Soleil and directed by Jamie King, THE IMMORTAL World Tour is a departure from the company’s previous touring shows. Featuring 49 international dancers, musicians, and acrobats, it is presented in a rock concert format that combines the excitement and innovation of Michael Jackson’s music and choreography with Cirque du Soleil’s unparalleled creativity.

The underpinnings of THE IMMORTAL World Tour are Michael Jackson’s powerful, inspirational music and lyrics–the driving force behind the show–brought to life with extraordinary power and breathless intensity. Through unforgettable performances, the show underscores Michael’s global messages of love, peace and unity, and the band includes some of the same artists who previously worked side by side with Michael. Aimed at lifelong fans as las vegas cirque well as those experiencing Michael’s creative genius for the first time, the show captures the essence, soul and inspiration of the King of Pop, celebrating a legacy that continues to transcend generations.

Additional information can be found at

28 May 2014

Magnetic Jewelry – Heal Your Body With Magnetic Jewelry by Jason Frew

Adorning the body with clothing and jewelry has been a practice perhaps as early as the dawn of humanity. In some cultures, jewelry is not only an article of beauty, but it is also an aid for the improvement of one’s health. Magnetic Jewelry, crystals, and stones have been used to treat ailments, aches, and general pains in the body. The use of Magnetic Jewelry, in particular, has been popular in certain ancient cultures. Until now, they are being used by locals from as far as China, in which they are already part of the traditional Chinese medicine. They are now being introduced into the contemporary times, where more people can take advantage of its health benefits.

Magnetic Jewelry can be in the form of necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. They are usually made of magnetic stainless steel, titanium, hematite, tungsten, copper, and semi-precious stones. These materials can be fashioned into intricate pieces of fine Magnetic Jewelry. They can also be combined with other precious materials to create various styles and designs. Most pieces of jewelry are handmade in order to carefully handle the materials and preserve their natural beauty. Most styles are as unique as the materials themselves. You can select from distinct shades of greys, silver, or chrome. There are a lot to choose from in terms of size, color, and material. Designs for bracelets or necklaces can either suit men or women, or both.

Magnetism or the use of magnetic energy is said to be effective in improving blood circulation, relieving body aches, alleviating joint pains, and helping those who experience bouts of insomnia and migraines. It promotes the natural healing of the body by way of natural stimulation. There are no invasive procedures or tablets and solutions that you have to regularly intake. When Magnetic Jewelry is worn on the body, you can reap the health benefits while adorning yourself with a lovely piece of accessory.

Individuals react differently to the use of Magnetic Jewelry, as how different conditions and body types are relieved faster than others when taking in a cough syrup or a cold tablet. Some may see the effects after a number of days, others may not see an improvement until after a few weeks of wearing them. It is often advised that you wear them all the time, at first. You should see the effects with regular use, feeling more energized and relaxed.

You do not have to get a whole set consisting of the different pieces of jewelry. You can either choose to wear a bracelet or necklace alone, depending on your taste and level of comfort. They are made to last for a long time, so you can use them over and over as needed. As in buying any type of jewelry, you look for quality made creations that should last you a lifetime. You can give one as a thoughtful and unique gift to a friend, family, or a loved one. Not only do they wear them for fashion or style, but also to improve one’s luxury watches health and longevity.

28 May 2014

Greatest / Best Mens Tennis Player in World 2011

Tennis ballRafael Nadal is the best tennis player in the world. Going into 2011, he has said that his aim is to win all four slam titles in a row, a feat not achieved since Rod Laver did it in 1969. There really is only one challenger, Roger Federer. These two men are so good used watches that the rest of the pack don´t really stand a chance. Federer has long been touted as the best tennis player of all time, with 16 slam titles, a record. For a number of years he has been one half of one of the greatest tennis rivalries of all time, along with Rafael Nadal. However, he is now 29 years old and time is seemingly catching up with the Swiss, whereas Nadal is still so young, at 24 years of age. This is perhaps the fundamental reason why the tables have turned between the players recently, particularly in 2010, which saw Nadal win 3 slam titles, missing the Australian open, which was of course won by Federer. In reality, both players are regarded as two of the finest players of all time.

Nadal is number one in the rankings by some way, with Federer in second place. Again however, Federer is trailed by Novak Djokovic by a considerable margin, demonstrating the sheer difference in quality between the top two and the rest. Between 2003 and 2007 Federer won five Wimbledon titles in a row, a feat which led many commentators to question whether he would ever be stopped. Along came Nadal, very soon, matching Federer´s will to win and with the talent to back it up. At the time of writing, the Spaniard has 9 slam titles, including 5 French Open trophies. If his wish of winning all four slams in one year is fulfilled he will surely continue in the number one position, as well as increasing his slam total to 13, only 3 shy of Federer´s record haul. He would then be 25 years of age. If he stays free of any major injuries, who is to say that he will not surpass Federer´s 16, perhaps even hitting the 20 mark, an achievement that is quite hard to imagine, but with Nadal is entirely realistic. To do so, however, he still has to get past Federer, who last year, having won one solitary slam as opposed to Nadal´s three, will want to reaffirm his standing in the tennis world. Federer will surely give his all to reclaim the number one position. Federer is known to hold the number one ranking in high esteem.

Nadal leads the rivalry in head-to-head games at 14-8. He is currently the best player in the tennis world. However, 2011 will prove to be a year which will confirm if he can stay there or whether Federer can get the better of his great rival and become number one once more. And who would bet against him? It will be an interesting year for the spectator.

28 May 2014

luxury in San Francisco Articles, luxury News

November 6, 2009

One of the greatest modern movements is the Seiko Spring Drive – featuring a fascinating and sophisticated combination watches movado of mechanical watch luxury, features, and construction, with the accuracy of a quartz watch (by using a quartz regulator). Watches with these movements…


28 May 2014

Why Luminox Watches Are Making a Splash by Jody McCormack

Whether you find yourself in the dark a lot or you just want to make a fashionable statement with your choice of timepiece, you will find that Luminox watches are precisely what you need. They were first created in the early part of the 1990s and this was when the unique illumination technology that they used became an impressive addition to their line. It was a line that sold poorly however, until the United States Navy Seals came through and requested that they build a watch with night mission capability.

After that, the Luminox had a place with the other diver?s watches that had become so popular, and if you are looking for a watch that is both stylish and rugged, this is the one for you. There has been a great deal of testing patek philippe calatrava price done to make sure that a watch of this brand will stay in reasonably good shape no matter what happens to it. Chances are, the damage that you put it through trying to get through your day is going to be nothing compared to what a military mission could do.

You will also find that no matter what your personal look is, you are going to be able to find a Luminox watch that suits you. For instance, make sure that you check out the diver?s watches, which are specifically made to be very light and strong. On the other hand, if you want something more durable and wit a little more weight, check out the all-steel series as well as the all-titanium series. These watches are guaranteed to give you a lot of durability and some real staying power. With ten years in the business of providing the world with great watches, Luminox is a natural choice.

The illumination that is provided by a Luminox watch is actually second to none. When you look down at your wrist, even in the pitch black, you don’t have to squint or hold the watch up to your eye to be able to read the numbers. Instead, with Luminox watches, micro-gas lights are used on the watch face components and around the face. The lights are constantly glowing and no matter where you are, you can read your watch much more effectively.

Think about all of the times when you wish you knew what time it was, even when you had a watch on your wrist. It can be exasperating in the extreme to have a watch that won’t tell you the time in the dark, and you will not have to ever worry about this with your Luminox watch. Not only will it look great on your wrist, you’ll find that it is an important tool that will serve you well no matter what you are. You don’t need to worry about running late, and even if you are dealing with a lack of light, you will have an impressive glow to work with.

Take some time to think about how well a Luminox watch would look on your wrist. It signifies style, taste and a real dedication to function and form. Luminox watches are a great way to show off your taste and your style.

When you want a watch that matches your taste, check out; the place for the best deals on all Luminox watches.

25 May 2014

The History of Diamond Jewelry – Yahoo Voices

Of course, loose diamonds are not really jewelry until they are placed in a setting, such as a ring or necklace. Even the finest diamonds’ value can be affected by the setting; it is a value-added aspect of diamond jewelry.

The mid-1500′s were an energetic time; Martin Luther of Germany and Henry VIII of England had broken with the Church of Rome; Ivan IV (the Terrible) expanded Russia to its present-day borders, and Ottoman sultan Suleiman extended the Turkish empire as far west as Vienna. It was during this time of ferment that the first diamond-cutters’ guild was formed in Antwerp, located in present-day Belgium. An industry soon developed for the purpose of appraising loose diamonds, giving birth to the modern diamond jewelry market. Antwerp continues to be the center of the international diamond jewelry trade.

Jonathon Blocker specializes in diamond jewelry, colored diamonds, and loose diamonds. He is a consultant for, a trusted name in the jewelry industry since 1999.

These three qualities are objective, and easily measured and quantified. Cut is a more subjective quality; selecting gems that are appropriate for use in diamond jewelry requires a good eye and aesthetic sense.

* cut

* clarity

The gems that are used in diamond jewelry is 75% science and 25% art. Together, these make up the “4 Cs” that are used to evaluate loose diamonds:

Although we generally think of clear or white diamonds, they come in a wide range of colors ranging from crystal-clear white to dark amber. Pink, green, blue and even purple diamonds are not unusual, and some colored diamonds are far more valuable than their white counterparts.

Diamond jewelry has been valued and worn throughout most of recorded history, although the art and science of cutting loose diamonds is relatively new – and diamond jewelry has only been available to the general public for the last 150 engagement ring years or so.

* color

Prior to that, diamond jewelry was worn almost exclusively by royalty. The earliest example of diamonds being placed in a setting dates from the time of the Norman Invasion of England; at that time, one of the Árpád kings of Hungary, possibly Andrew I, had rough-cut diamonds set into a crown for his queen. However, cut diamonds would not be available for another half-millenium.

* carat

Clarity refers to just that – how clear the stone appears. All natural and artificial diamonds have internal flaws; the fewer or the less apparent these flaws are, the higher the appraisal is likely to be.

“Carat” of course refers to the weight of the gem; a carat is equivalent to about 2 decigrams, or a mere 1/150th of an ounce. That means the largest cut, polished diamond in existence – the famed Star of Africa – weighs just a little over 2-1/4 pounds.

25 May 2014

west end posts | Gather

Before Montreal was a city, it was Hochelaga , a village . . .



Marble Season

Continued From Way Things Used to Be 1

April 03, 2009 09:32 PM EDT –

September 23, 2010 02:11 AM EDT –

(Cont’d from Way Things Used To Be 4)

March 13, 2011 01:54 PM EDT –

 Part 4

The 16th and 17th Centuries


May 16, 2010 09:02 PM EDT –

One day Barry Bogardus and Kenny Nails were watching Cedric pick up marbles and stick them into his side pocket as they . . .

Television Centre, the BBC’s office space and studio, has definitely been put up for sale, with the potential transaction expected to net hundreds of millions of pounds for the corporation. Originally . . .

My daughter just texted me that one of her co-workers was driving across the West End Bridge where they are protesting environmental issues (four guys rappelled off the bridge and unfurled a really big . . .

September 23, 2009 07:33 AM EDT –

January 03, 2012 01:15 AM EST –

Part 2

February 28, 2008 09:58 AM EST –

Are you looking for the next best west end shows to see? Do you have a passion for theatre, music, dance and satisfaction quite possibly the most current Shows. Several of the recent demonstrates have . . .

One London theatre attraction that never ceases to draw huge crowds is the West End that is the location of some long-running musical and other West End Shows. Tickets to this particular Theatreland can . . .

April 01, 2011 03:10 AM EDT –


Online giant Twitter are currently on the lookout for Central London some new office space because the US-based business is keen to found a hub in Europe. As maintained by several reports the firm . . .


March 23, 2008 02:23 PM EDT –


July 12, 2011 09:58 AM EDT –


January 17, 2012 06:09 AM EST –

Looking for a new apartment home? For those prospective renters looking in the Dallas / Fort Worth jersey boys tickets nyc area, they will find thousand of properties to choose from that offer a variety of contemporary features . . .

August 10, 2011 03:24 AM EDT –



Part 1 Montreal photo essay – East End Montreal – a real treat in color and character




Home to a number of musicals and shows that have been running for quite some time already, London’s West End never ceases to draw crowds from all over the world. In fact, a tour of London will not be . . .

Marble Season

Cheapest theatre tickets for London’s West End shows and events from London’s premier ticket comparison web site, – ‘Live Price’ search!

A Short Guide to London’s West End If there is one tourist attraction in London that never fails to draw huge crowds, it’s London’s West End. Known as Theatreland, London’s West End is home to . . .

In London, you can actually pick and choose from many of the world’s most well-known theatre and musicals performances. It is possible to book London theatre tickets as well as valuable packages for . . .

July 19, 2011 11:08 AM EDT –

During Marble Season, kids flocked up to 88th street from 79th, down from 96th and across from halfway between Broadway and . . .


23 May 2014

Victoria's Secret Cotton Collection Bras

How To become A Victoria’s Secret Angel. However, along with all the fantasy comes the price: on average, the retail value of the VS bra is $35-$5 Panties go from $8-$2 Nightgowns, robes or slips ranges anywhere from $25-$200 (or more), and fragrances from $15-$80. SO, I applied, convinced that I was going to become denied. However, along with all the fantasy comes the price: on average, the retail value of a VS bra is $35-$5 Panties go from $8-$2 Nightgowns, robes or slips ranges anywhere from $25-$200 (or more), and fragrances from $15-$80. Both Victoria’s Secret and Lane Bryant are two popular stores who have associates educated to measure bra size.

Remember these days body shapers tend to be sexier than before and therefore are by no means in case you be embarrassed about simply by wearing them. Cost $45-$50. The spicy cinnamon flavor is quite intense, nevertheless it dissipates quickly.

We can say this season we have lots of flowers within the swimwear, because the more original as well as the brighter your swimsuit, the harder attractive you’ll look around the beach:. I went to the shop at the local mall and told the sales associate my requirements: straps that stay up, cups that aren’t too stiff, and absolutely nothing too plain. Some wholesalers go one step further then sell again to so-called “middle sellers”. Ebay Some people are hesitant about buying underwear through online auction sites: they shouldn’t be. View all 12 photos.

Love Spell seems like something I would love my house to smell like, however, not my body. And I do mean exactly! And it’s exactly as nauseating as that antibiotic is. She dated Anthony Kiedis of the Chili Peppers, John Mayer, and Seal. ROCK! Needless to say, I charged up my Angels Card pretty quick.

What is interesting – inside the trend is really a sexy leopard print, which again showed a gorgeous blonde having a perfect figure, though obviously paper is only lightly appears on a swimsuit or changes its color to a bright – pink, blue, green. . Blending is step to achieving a no-makeup composed face. This is certainly a must have for tight-fitting tops.

To create the barely there look, start with even skin. Besides enhancing the looks, it also ensures proper breathing from nose. If you’re near a Victoria’s Secret and haven’t already checked out their body products, I would recommend doing so- I am a loyal customer.

Debby is really a student/blogger from your Philippines. Model Alessandra Ambrosio is really a known Brazilian Butt Lift enthusiast. She graced Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway in 2007, 2008, and 200 She is one of the models for the Miraculous Push-Up Bras and one of the models who launched Victoria’s Secret Bombshell: The Fragrance in addition to Lily Aldridge and Adriana Lima. She graced Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway in 2007, 2008, and 200 She is one of the models for the Miraculous Push-Up Bras and one of the models who launched Victoria’s Secret Bombshell: The Fragrance along with Lily Aldridge and Adriana Lima. com for breast lift surgery, laser eyelid surgery, Ny Rhinoplasty, The Big Apple forehead lift or Ny eyebrow lift.

22 May 2014

How To Discover Prescription Drug Coupons

Healthcare Providers. Some coupon websites also provide many different printable and clip coupons that may be used additionally with their online coupons in addition to their sites are extremely easy to use and simple to navigate. Free Trial Vouchers.

As previously referred to with regard to store cards, one of the ways where rewards work well for companies is by encouraging loyalty, by encouraging you to use that particular bank card more regularly for your purchases rather than every other bank card you may have. Not only can it commemorate the brother sister bond but can also be a great time for family bonding. These are meant for people with disabilities in order that they can receive shelter and supportive services on a long-term basis. So be careful prior to deciding to make any decision.

Regular Discount Tickets to Disneyland: A bit of pampering for all of the birthday people exclusively from ‘Disney’s pocket’ can be a free admission. The scheme might not be directly advantageous for that hotels, because they may generate losses through providing discounted accommodation. You guessed it, GROCERY Axe Body Spray Coupons! I applied to clip Axe Body Spray Coupons with a single thing but took a hiatus since I stopped obtaining the Sunday newspaper which housed the Axe Body Spray Coupons. These are generally for free shipping code tory burch the same type of trial vouchers that are found about the manufacturer’s website. Coupons/vouchers for free gasoline with this same home grocery delivery company from Pensacola, Florida:.

Most consumers are interested in saving cash on everyday items. Her family is extremely happy in regards to the arrival of the child there are plenty of gifts for her. Savings can be created by utilising vouchers and codes that retailers offer as a means of enticing individuals to their stores. Most consumers have an interest in saving money on everyday items.

CouponSmarter. Vouchers and coupons are offered so as to encourage business and also to produce improved benevolence between clientele and also the company. Obtaining pizza vouchers and coupons can be very useful for customers while they obtain a opportunity to acquire additional advantageous meals, useful combos, gifts as well as discounts.

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Baseball Team Names

Enjoying huge popularity in North America, baseball is a game that has evolved to almost all corners of the world. Baseball team names, too have undergone a radical change, with the simple names disappearing and more complex and creative names taking its place. The following article highlights some of the popular team names in the sport and also gives tips on how to name a baseball team, should you require the information….

Baseball is an exciting game with a format of scoring as many runs as possible to defeat the opposition. The batter has to hit the ball thrown at him, followed by touching bases. There are total 30 teams registered in Major League Basketball (MJB). Names of all the teams are enlisted below. Out of these 30 teams, 29 are from the United States while the remaining one, i.e. ‘Toronto Blue Jays’ is from Canada. The article presents a list of major and minor league team names; names for baseball team for under fantasy teams, kids teams and youth team names. The list of kids and youth names is just an extension of the fantasy baseball team names since all of these are imaginary.

Names of teams associated with Major League Baseball (MLB) are enlisted below. These teams are categorized into ‘American League’ and ‘National League’. Teams in these leagues are placed in the East, West and Central division.

Major League

It is the tier one league in terms of quality of baseball being played. The names of American and National League teams (categorized into East, West and Central divisions) are listed below.

American League

East Division

Baltimore Orioles

New York Yankees

Boston Red Sox

Toronto Blue Jays

Tampa Bay Rays

West Division

Seattle Mariners

Oakland Athletics

Texas Rangers

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Central Division

Chicago White Sox

Detroit Tigers

Cleveland Indians

Minnesota Twins

Kansas City Royals

National League

East Division

Atlanta Braves

New York Mets

Florida Marlins

Washington Nationals

Philadelphia Phillies

West Division

Arizona Diamondbacks

Los Angeles Dodgers

Colorado Rockies

San Francisco Giants

San Diego Padres

Central Division

Chicago Cubs

Houston Astros

Cincinnati Reds

Pittsburgh Pirates

Milwaukee Brewers

St. Louis Cardinals

Minor League

The minor leagues are played on a second level/tier in North America. These include many different types of leagues such as the AAA (Triple-A) League, AA (Double-A), Short-season A leagues, Advanced Rookie leagues, High-A leagues, Low-A leagues, etc. Team names of the Triple-A league are presented in the list below.

Triple-A League

Buffalo Bisons

Columbus Clippers

Gwinnett Braves

Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs

Norfolk Tides

Rochester Red Wings

Syracuse Chiefs

Charlotte Knights

Durham Bulls

Indianapolis Indians

Louisville Bats

Pawtucket Red Sox

Toledo Mud Hens

Albuquerque Isotopes

Fresno Grizzlies

Las Vegas 51s

Nashville Sounds

Oklahoma City Red Hawks

Portland Beavers

Round Rock Express

Salt Lake Bees

Colorado Springs Sky Sox

Iowa Cubs

Memphis Redbirds

New Orleans Zephyrs

Omaha Royals

Reno Aces

Sacramento River Cats

Tacoma Rainiers

Piratas de Campeche

Vaqueros Laguna

Petroleros de Minatitlán

Sultanes de Monterrey

Guerreros de Oaxaca

Tigres de Quintana Roo

Saraperos de Saltillo

Rojos del Águila de Veracruz

Dorados de Chihuahua

Diablos Rojos del México

Acereros de Monclova

Tecolotes de Nuevo Laredo

Pericos de Puebla

Broncos de Reynosa

Olmecas de Tabasco

Leones de Yucatán

Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees

Fantasy Baseball Team Names

Naming a baseball team can be a fun activity provided that some creativity is used in the process. You can make good use of puns however, it is just one of the many ideas for coming up with interesting names.

I’ve Got The Runs

Vlad to the Bone

Idaho Youdapimps

Jeters Never Prosper

Trailer Park Chan Hos

Boys of Winter

The Braun Supremacy

The Buehrle Gates

Good Morneau America

The Milledge Idiots

Lemon Harang Pie

Roid Rage

Diamond Kings



Baseball Furies


Team Names for Kids

The names used for kids’ teams need to be simple and also funny. Following names would suit the kids baseball teams.













Names for Youth Baseball Team

The names for youth teams must give a feel of energy. The names should not only be different and unique, but also have a punch. The team name should be a source of inspiration for the players. These names are best suited for youth teams.










One can use his creativity to give an interesting name to his team. Considering the team name suggestions provided in the article should be helpful in finding some interesting ideas.

19 May 2014

What Men Need…no if, ands or buts!

A woman does not understand this, because when a man is un-accepting of her behavior, one of her first reactions is to change or improve her behavior. In this respect women are more secure then men; they can listen to feedback about ways they can improve their behavior without as much resistance, sensitivity or, defensiveness. Certainly a man can take feedback, but he needs to be feeling good about himself and be willing to hear it. Rarely is it effective to give un-requested criticism or advice to a man.

The Man Needs to be Trusted

Trust is a firm belief in the ability, honesty, integrity, and sincerity of another person. The need to be trusted is the need for an acknowledgement from your partner that you are a “good” person-upstanding, you might say. When your trust is absent, people consistently jump to the wrong, negative conclusion regarding a person’s intent, whereas trust gives every offense the benefit of the doubt.

For, this reason, acceptance is the basis of behavioral changes in a relationship.

Appreciation acknowledges that the value of our actions, intentions, results and decisions has been received. It is the feedback that tells a man his behavior has served a purpose. If he can feel appreciated then he is much more willing to explore and understand why his actions have failed.


A man is motivated to change by hearing and understanding a woman’s feelings and needs. When he senses that his attempts to support her will be welcomed and appreciated, then he is easily inspired to fulfill her wishes. Her acceptance ensures that if he fails he will not be disapproved of, but will be willingly received with some gratitude for his efforts.

Many times a woman will withhold her feelings because she is afraid her partner is not really interested. She rationalizes her uncommunicativeness by making some excuse for him, but inside she doubts that he would respond caringly to her feelings. She may end up denying her needs, thinking that she is avoiding rejection. In reality she has built a wall between them.

The Male Need to be Accepted

When a woman trusts a man, she feels safe to share her vulnerable feelings. If this man is indeed worthy of her trust, he will be greatly empowered by her trusting him to support her at such a delicate time.

When a woman is trusting of a man, she is able to draw out the best in him. Of course, if she trusts him to be perfect, he will let her down. But if she trusts that he can and will help, then he gets the message that he is of value and that his best is enough for her to accept and appreciate him. Her trust will draw out of him increasing greatness. Through a woman’s loving trust, a man is supported in realizing his powers, abilities, skills and talents.

If she had been more honest, he would have been more receptive.

The need for acceptance is especially important for men. Sometimes women appear to accept a man based upon his potential; however, this is not true acceptance. They are waiting for the day when he will change, and then they will be able to accept him. But men need to be accepted for who they are today, not who they will be tomorrow. A man will tend to become stubborn and resistant to change when he senses that he is not being accepted.

When women are critical of a man’s behavior they have no idea how damaging this is to his personal power. A man’s response to not being appreciated is equivalent to what a woman experiences when a man judges or invalidates her feelings, needs, wishes, and rights. When a woman begins to pick his behavior apart-criticizing the way he does things, correcting his thinking, challenging his decisions, and being dissatisfied with what he provides for her-a man loses his power. He retaliates with negative, demeaning judgments. He will disrespect and withdraw from her. He is drained of the magical power that, her loving appreciation gives him.

John Gray, Ph.D. is the best-selling relationship author of all time. His phenomenal best-selling book Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus (HarperCollins 1992) has sold more than 15 million copies and is a best-seller in 40 different languages throughout the world.Dr. Gray is a Certified Family Therapist, Consulting Editor of the Family Journal, a member of the Distinguished Advisory Board of the International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors, and a member of the American Counseling Association.Dr. Gray has also authored 11 other best-selling books: What You Feel You Can Heal (Heart Publishing 1984), Men, Women and Relationships (Beyond Words Publishing 1993), Mars and Venus in the Bedroom (HarperCollins 1995), Mars and Venus Together Forever (Harper Perennial 1996), Mars and Venus in Love (HarperCollins 1996), Mars and Venus on a Date (HarperCollins 1997), Mars and Venus Starting Over (HarperCollins 1998), Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: Book of Days (HarperCollins 1998), How To Get What You Want and Want What You Have (HarperCollins 1999), Children Are from Heaven (HarperCollins 1999), and Practical Miracles for Mars and Venus (HarperCollins, 2000).Dr. Gray’s latest book, Mars and Venus in the Workplace (HarperCollins 2002), offers a practical guide for improving communication and getting results at work.An internationally recognized expert in the fields of communication and relationships, John Gray’s unique focus is assisting men and women in understanding, respecting and appreciating their differences. For more than 30 years, he has conducted public and private seminars for thousands of participants. In his highly acclaimed books, audiotapes and videotapes, as well as in his seminars, Dr. Gray entertains and inspires audiences with his practical insights and easy-to-use communication techniques that can be immediately applied to enrich relationships.John Gray is a popular speaker on the national lecture circuit and often appears on television and radio programs to discuss his work. He has made guest appearances o such shows as Oprah, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Live with Regis, The View, Politically Incorrect, Larry King Live, The Roseanne Show, CNN and Company, and many others. He has been profiled in USA Today, Time Magazine, Forbes and numerous major newspapers across the United States.Dr. Gray’s national syndicated column reaches 30 million readers in many newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times, Atlanta Journal/Constitution, New York Daily News, New York Newsday, Denver Post, and the San Antonio Express-News. Internationally, the column appears in publications in England, Canada, Mexico, Israel, Korea, and in Latin America and the South Pacific.Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus was transformed into a state version of the same title and opened at the Flamingo Las Vegas. The musical comedy review, written by composer Rita Abrams and directed by David Bell, features five couples of various ages and stages of relationships, and has received both audience and critical acclaim. The musical now is preparing for a national tour.Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: The Game, produced by Mattel, was the best-selling new adult social interactive board game of 1998. A new board game is due out in 2002.Dr. Gray lives with his wife and three children in Northern California. To get more information about John Gray, please visit his website at

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When a man is “accepted,” he is received willingly. This attitude cultivates a man’s belief in his abilities. When a man’s actions are unconditionally accepted then he feels free to explore ways he can improve those actions.

When a woman doesn’t trust a man’s loving intent and does not give him a chance to be her knight in shining armor again, she prevents him from being attracted to her. It is the trusting glimmer in a woman’s eye that enchants a man out of his self-absorption and inspires him to respond to her needs.

The Male needs to be Appreciated

Although a man’s, primary needs are to be loved, appreciated, accepted and trusted, he also has the other primary needs but to, him they are secondary.

According to the book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, men and women have very different primary needs. Men need appreciation, acceptance, and trust. Without these three things in a relationship, there are often countless communication problems. If you want to understand your Martian better, or you want to learn how to explain your needs more clearly to your partner, use this guide from Remember, we’re always here for you.

Even when he is unable to resolve his problems at work, if he can come to home to a grateful and happy wife, his stress from work can be more easily released.

The strongest drive in a man is the desire to please a woman. This willful desire gives him power. It first manifests as the sex drive, Later as he is able to blend it with the desire to love, respect, understand, and care for a woman, it becomes even more powerful. When a man can be appreciated physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, then his power is at a maximum.

A man is sensitive to correction when he is feeling his need to be accepted; if he already feels accepted, he can easily take the feedback.

She tends to be even more motivated to earn appreciation. When her partner ignores her, her first impulse is to try harder to please him. Expecting men to do the same, she is confused when a man doesn’t try harder to earn appreciation. She mistakenly assumes that he doesn’t love her. When she is not getting enough from a man, she may begin to unconsciously or consciously manipulate him into giving more through withdrawing her appreciation. She is then confused and resentful when he reacts by giving less,

let a man know what she needs to hear.

The primary need for appreciation is generally confused with the need for respect. To appreciate a person is to acknowledge that what they do or how they express themselves is of value to you personally. Appreciation is an act of evaluating, while respect validates.

When a woman does not accept a man, she will feel compelled to change him. She will tend to offer suggestions that will assist him in changing, even when he has not asked. Some men are open to suggestions as long as they have requested them, but a man typically feels unaccepted when a woman is preoccupied with changing him or “improving” him. She imagines that she is respecting his needs by wanting to help, he feels disrespected, manipulated and unaccepted. When a man does not feel accepted he will unconsciously or consciously resist change.

One of the ways he unconsciously or consciously gets revenge for his partner’s non-acceptance is to repeat the very behavior that she resists.

The issue of trust can make communication very difficult. Say a woman doesn’t trust a man with her delicate feelings. If she decides to test the waters by sharing a more diluted version of her feelings, a man will sense he is not being trusted and begin to withdraw. She then concludes, “Since these diluted, feelings, turned him off, I’m sure glad I didn’t share them all.”

Conversely, when a man is appreciated by a woman, nothing can get him down for long. Being appreciated is a male’s primary need. It lets him know he can make a difference; he measures his worth through his ability to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Appreciation becomes a fuel that motivates his every action.

Trust is the third primary need for a man. To approach a man for support acting trusting is to approach him with the attitude that he can and will help. On the other, hand, to ask for help without trust is to reject him before he has a chance. When he is not trusted, he will automatically begin to withdraw, Not only does lack of trust make it very difficult for him to respond, but it offends and often hurts him.

There is a time when a man is not put off by her lack of trust, especially at the beginning relationship, but a man will generally withdraw when a woman takes back a trust that she had previously bestowed. When at woman doesn’t fully trust a man, it serves as a challenge for him to prove himself. If he has never tasted the nectar of her trust, he will patiently seek to prove his worthiness. Once she has opened herself to him and trusted him fully, and then due to some disappointment she begins to mistrust, he feels as though something has been taken away. In an indirect way he is wounded emotionally.

Trust, grows in a relationship when each partner recognizes that the other does not intend to hurt, but seeks to support.

Men are especially vulnerable to this need to be appreciated. If a man is not appreciated, he loses his motivation and becomes passive, lazy, weak, dependent, insecure and apt to procrastinate.

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Trust says, “There must be some good explanation why this happened.”

When her partner is not supporting her, trust allows a woman to assume that there must be some logical reason, and that when she lets him know her needs, he will respond to the best of his ability.

A trusting woman also intuits how much a man can support her, and doesn’t demand or expect more. She is able to appreciate and accept what she gets. She does not naively go around sharing her vulnerability with anyone. At the same time she does not withhold her vulnerable from the people who are truly trustworthy.

It is a woman’s responsibility to find, again and again, that trusting part of her. But men have to share in this responsibility by earning a woman’s trust. If a man hurts a woman without apologizing, he is unknowingly building walls. Most of the time a man doesn’t realize the importance of compassion or an apology. It is a woman’s responsibility to

Acceptance allows him to feel that who he is today is enough to please and satisfy his mate. With this kind of confidence he is more willing and able to give his partner the respect and understanding she deserve. Most women do not know this secret about men. They mistakenly believe that the way to motivate a man to change is to complain, nag or disapprove. When a man feels his imperfections are unaccepted, it may take days before he can come back to his true, giving self.

Appreciation allows us to experience our intentions, decisions and actions as valuable. It is the necessary support that inspires us to repeat an action that works or motivates us to change what doesn’t work. Even when we fail to achieve our desired results, there is always something in what we did that can be, appreciated.

Without appreciation, a person begins to feel inadequate and incapable of giving support.

It is a woman’s trust in a man that draws him to her.

When a woman doesn’t get appreciated her reaction is quite different.

Without enough appreciation we lose our will to give. When a cirque du soleil san jose man fails to reach his goal, if he is unable to feel that there was some value in his actions, he may give up. Or he may have the opposite reaction, and stubbornly repeat the action until he is appreciated.

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Investigating No-fuss Systems Of Exhibition In Paris

Recently, I have actually discovered that when you view images of celebs, I’m beginning to view lots of that resemble each several other. In the beginning, I didn’t discover some of them, but as additional people come to be renowned I am seeing the resemblances. In some cases, I have discovered that there is a three-way, four-way split, if you look closely, you will concur!

Initially, Beyonce Knowles, lovely, skilled dancer/singer, attempting her hand at behaving (it’s okay, sorry, remember I’m truthful concerning my feelings) however keep it up, no hater here! LOL Well, Beyonce and Ashanti have some functions alike. If you view like side sights and the profile of Beyonce, it resembles Ashanti’s a whole lot. Their eyes, mouths and noses have a similarity. Initially, I utilized to assume that Christina Milian and Ashanti, they still do have similar attributes, however Ashanti and Beyonce are expanding in similarity much more as well.

Following, there is also Beyonce, Mariah Carey and Shakira. Shakira, reminds me of a Mariah Carey circa, 1990-94. She with the tight curls in her hair, truly seems like Mariah during the early years extraordinary. When Beyonce and Shakira, did the “Lovely Liar” video, they would play the trick with that, in one scene Beyonce was in the front, then they would certainly switch over to Shakira, I suppose they were attempting to play on that, although I don’t think it was ever before stated.

Well, possibly I will of named this Beyonce, a chameleon that looks like numerous divas of past and existing. Every person from the R&B / Soul/Pop faze of the 1980′s -90′s bear in mind Pebbles? Previous partner of L.A. Reid and partner with Babyface, “Love Makes things Happen, Mercedes Boy, Partner?” I assumed specifically, when Beyonce wears those dresses and heels, with the hair done similiar to the “Ego” video, I think about Pebbles, in the “Mercedes Kid” video, with that hair, yes, they look like. Additionally, occasionally Beyonce, seems like Vanessa L. Williams too, like perhaps her daughter, niece or younger sibling. (note: Solange Knowles, played Ms. Williams daugther in the household funny with Cedric the Performer, “The Johnson Household Holiday.”.

Beyonce one additional time, she with Tyra Financial institutions and just a little of Naomi Campbell, of training course, Tyra and Naomi prefer that is exactly how Tyra would certainly land works because of their resemblances, was something shared in past, yet Beyonce has The nose of Naomi and eyes and hair styles of Tyra, unusual I recognize.

Lastly, we get out the Beyonce seems like kick, a minimum of for now, LOL! In some cases, Halle Berry and Toni Braxton resemble, they both in the 1990′s took all over the world by storm. When Toni Braxton’s 2nd favorite, “Love Shoulda Brought You Residence” came out in 1992 at the beginning, they played a bit from the motion picture, “Boomerang,” starring Eddie Murphy and Robin Givens. This song was included on the soundtrack, well, Halle claims in the scene when arguing with Eddie, “well like shoulda introduced your sorry a house last evening.” I thought, hello she and the gal performing the tune counterpart. Both cute, shapely, tiny and where renowned for their brief sexy hair cuts.

Below is among lots of three means divides, however talking of Toni, did you observe that Roselyn Sanchez of “Without a Trace” has attributes like Toni? Notification, was in a movie called “Held Up.” It was not the very best motion picture, however one of Roselyn’s initial I believe, which starred Jamie Foxx and Nia Long as the leads. Paradoxically, in the movie, they made a mockery by the slightly boy in the film believing Jamie Foxx was Sean P. Diddy/Puff Father Combs! Moreover, Roselyn also looks a bit like Sandra Bullock, I noticed while enjoying a few of Sandra’s older movies.

Sandra, I assumed also, reminded me of our preferred baby-sitter, Fran Drescher. Hilarious, just how both females are also known for odd laughs in their films / television programs. Both females do some kind of snorkel fairly commonly, lol! We recognize that Fran likewise, has a nasal sounding voice though, yet they both make jokes and laugh with the snorkel there.

These vocalizing appeals, Alicia Keys and Mel B! Given that Mel B was DWTS, I was viewing all the comparable attributes in between she and Alicia. It is rather fantastic how they look alike also.

Okay, had anyone likewise discovered that John Heder, incidentally, he has a twin, however they might position as triplets, look at James Blount, which I carefully describe as the nude child, from the “Lovely” track, might be be related, they could.

Jordin Stimulates and America Ferrera, the Idol and the not so Awful Betty superstar, both are appeals that have numerous comparable features!

Both 80′s and 90′s songs Divas, Lisa Lisa and Paula Abdul, although Paula highlights her hair, light brownish, they have the precise same functions! remarkable!

Not precise look a likes, however these two hollywood married couples have resemblances partners and all, Michael J. Fox and partner Tracy Pollan appears like Sarah Jessica Parker and other half, Matthew Broderick a little like Michael. More irony, it was mentioned that Micahel J. Fox was one of the first choices to play Ferris Bueller! Maybe hollywood saw just what I view as well! Scott Wolf, he sounds and reminds me a whole lot of Michael J. Fox. He had “Celebration of Five” fame.

Speaking of that, the ever so hot and foxy and now over 40, Matthew Fox and Edward Burns similiar looking as well as Michael Vartan as a little bit of a similarity also in there.

How approximately, tall dark and handsome and inexplicably creepy. This would certainly be Vince Vaughn and the late Robert Mitchum. They both have this tall stature and when they get in the area they obtained your attention. You are unsure, if they in an enchanting scene will certainly kiss you or whack you. They are a little terrifying, however something regarding them is very exhilarating and bold to be with or around them. They both have these voices too that are deep and completely charge command.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the late Health Ledger. One was brunette and the other blonde haired, these eye-catching youthful guys, have the exact same face.

Both these celebrities have actually passed on, however what concerning Jack Palance and “The Rifleman” Chuck Connors kind of similiar with the swinky eyes and all. Some may agree some might not, however I did confuse them as a kid.

David Boreanz, “Angel” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” Television star and Craig Sheffer of “One Tree Hillside.” They do have a great deal of similar attributes, likewise, some are claiming David reminds them of Nick Lachey, perhaps, a slightly, however they called in “6 pack” on “I Passion The big apple” reality program and indeed he appears like Nick Lachey to me.

Most effectively chums and several of the best appearances in hollywood, Demi Moore and Courtney Cox, astonishing at times, there is a picture of them, with hair right, long parted down middle looking like sis! Well Courtney also, or in fact both reminded me a bit of Margot Kidder, I always assumed among them would certainly of excelled to play Lois Lane, because of that, and Courtney has a little bit of Karen Allen, who is a mix to me too of Margot Kidder and Amy Irving.

Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and Denzel Washington two handsome and skilled men, with such young looking features for their real years. Visit their eyes and smiles!

Okay, some american sweeties below, below how the attributes go Geena Davis and Julia Roberts mercedes deals has a bit of her along with Kyra Sedgwick (Julia and Kyra played sis in “Something to Talk Regarding”). A deadwringer: Julia Roberts and Monica Potter, although Monica uses her hair blonde, do take an appearance at her features and her quirks … so Julia !!!

Janet Jackson and Kim Area, Kim shared many individuals would certainly perplex them and Kim’s mom coached Janet also for behaving, additionally, Kim’s mama, Chip Area, played Janet’s biological parent in “Excellent Times.”.

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Mets offer special ticket offer for Subway Series – New York New York Mets

The New York Mets announced on Wednesday that they will celebrate the start of summer with a special ticket offer for the Subway Series this Friday and Sunday night at Citi Field.

There will be a number of Field mets tickets prices Level seats priced at tonight’s official game-time temperature.

Tickets are on sale now at , the Citi Field Box Office and 718-507-TIXX. The temperature is hit 94 degrees, which translates to a ticket price of $94 for Left Field Reserved tickets for Friday’s game. For Sunday’s game, Field Box tickets would be sold for $94 (currently priced at $136).

The Subway Series at Citi Field is set for Friday at 7:10 p.m., followed by a 7:15 p.m. start Saturday and 8:05 p.m. start Sunday.

16 May 2014